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  1. Anyone considering trading their JL for a JT Gladiator?

    I would consider it but concerned about taking a bath on trade in value. I have a 2018 Sport S with every option except heated seats and KBB value is showing 28K to 30K.
  2. Cool Tech's Flashlight Promo Deal

    Would be more than happy to try it out if you got a free shipping coupon.
  3. Differential protection

    check with motobilt. If anything just beef up the cover.
  4. Hardtop Mounted Roof Racks (e.g., Mopar)

    with a basket it should hold 150lbs without an issue.
  5. Best Hitch Cargo Carrier for JL

    The $60 folding one from Walmart works just fine for me. I can open the tailgate fully.
  6. JLU Rubicon Come With 1 or 2 Rear Tow Hooks?

    It amazes me how many complain they have OCD....especially on this site. Too many mentally unstable people.
  7. Replacement Rubicon Hood Decal

    Pixel decal is who I am going to use once I pick a name.
  8. Who installed alien shade without dropping the windshield?

    Also.....Jeep is perfect weapon to become mechanically inclined!
  9. Who installed alien shade without dropping the windshield?

    Go to the Alienshade vendor page and watch the video. I did not "drop the windshield" but I did remove the 4 bolts and pulled it out a bit. Had wife hold it in place while I ran the bungees.
  10. Anyone getting a custom vanity license plate?

    Everyone is missing the Thunder Cats Sticker....... Call it Snarf or Lion-O.
  11. What is your best/favorite mod for under $20

    Yep, those are the ones. They will need some extra velcro on them or else they will come off over speed bumps.
  12. What is your best/favorite mod for under $20
  13. What is your best/favorite mod for under $20

    Mine has to be these lights that look like light switches. $3.00 each and ample lighting. Attached by Velcro and I can take them out and move if needed. They even have a magnet on them as well.
  14. Thinking of the JL/New to Jeep

    The amount of people with actual issues is very low considering how many have been sold. The 2018 models were the first year and there are issues like any brand. Also alot of the complaints are from people not use to have a jeep drives. These are not BMWs. Several threads on here with people...
  15. JL rear lift glass not available?

    all those defroster defect!!!
  16. This Seems About Right

    Just having a woman in the jeep is a plus
  17. Jeep Apologists

    OP, you got to admit they have come a long way from when they were first imported in your AO.
  18. bumping this up

    It should be able to handle twice the weight of the jeep.