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  1. Backup Camera issue

    Still no update on mine.
  2. Firmware 11.2.7 + 11.2.8

    I will still continue to use the Tazer, it has been great. Just user error on my part. Thanks again!!
  3. Firmware 11.2.7 + 11.2.8

    It started working on it's own, I married and did two cycles and everything works. Thanks for the help.
  4. Firmware 11.2.7 + 11.2.8

    Camera works again, I talked to Joe and I will remarry and do two sleep cycles and then make changes.
  5. Firmware 11.2.7 + 11.2.8

    Thanks, that is what I am going to do. I don’t use a MAC.
  6. Firmware 11.2.7 + 11.2.8

    When I Marry and change the tire size, full reboot it doesn’t save. Or when changing TMPS it doesn’t save after full reboot. It has always saved prior to this.
  7. Firmware 11.2.7 + 11.2.8

    I just don’t understand why when I married the Tazer none of the settings would save.
  8. Firmware 11.2.7 + 11.2.8

    Well, I drove the Jeep a couple times with the tazer out and went out this morning and I still get no backup camera just a blue screen. I guess it needs to go in.
  9. Backup Camera issue

    I now have “camera system unavailable “.
  10. Firmware 11.2.7 + 11.2.8

    I have it unmarried and removed, should I remarry and do more cycles? Should I wait until the cycles are done to make any changes?
  11. Firmware 11.2.7 + 11.2.8

    Thanks, yes all was working previous.
  12. Firmware 11.2.7 + 11.2.8

    I unmarried, full reboot, two cycles, married, made setting changes, full reboot and nothing saved and camera still doesn’t work.
  13. Firmware 11.2.7 + 11.2.8

    That is what I just did. Hopefully it works. Thanks
  14. Firmware 11.2.7 + 11.2.8

    I have just updated to the latest firmware and now I get “camera system unavailable “. Not sure what to do?
  15. 2021 Silver Lake Jeep Invasion

    Here are some pictures from the weekend.
  16. First time in sand. Silver Lake dunes MI

    There is only one type of flag required for the Dunes. All 4-wheel drive vehicles must display the flag mounted to front bumper at 10ft off the ground. All motorbikes and ATVs must display the flag mounted to the rear at 10ft off the ground.
  17. First time in sand. Silver Lake dunes MI

    Once on your bumper you will be good to go.
  18. Firmware 11.2.7 + 11.2.8

    I received a reply and was told to email support.
  19. 2021 Silver Lake Jeep Invasion

    Just received an email to pick trsil rides but I’m not sure which one to pick for 1st, 2nd or 3rd.
  20. Firmware 11.2.7 + 11.2.8

    The only change I made was to the third break light flashing. It was never unmarried. I just unplugged it, flashed the n plugged back in.