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  1. Rusty's spare tire bracket-Anyone Using?

    I got one. But the bolts they sent do not fit in the bracket hole. Did you have to purchase new bolts? If so. What size?
  2. Cross threaded tire carrier lug

    I just cross threaded mine taking the lug off. Not even putting it on. Did you ever find out if you can just replace the stud?
  3. Rusty's spare tire bracket-Anyone Using?

    Did you ever get this relocation bracket?
  4. Spare Tire Relocation Brackets

    Do you have rear sensors? You know what your backspacing/offset are for the 37s? Tire 12.5 or 13.5?
  5. Rough Country JL Spare tire relocation

    Do you have rear sensors? Is this the 4.75 inch or 2.25 inch raise?
  6. Pics please - Mopar 2" lift with 37 in tires

    May be a stupid question. But I have a JLUR, adding the mopar lift and 37s. Do you need to do anything else? Longer brake lines?, drive shaft issues? And does it affect the lockers and sway bar disconnect?
  7. 35 inch tires on stock wheels

    Do you have a lift ?
  8. Setting up for Flat Tow - show me pics of your connectors

    Not putting any. Using tow lights, and RVI3 brake.
  9. Setting up for Flat Tow - show me pics of your connectors

    Maximus-3 tow loops Rugged Ridge Spartacus stubby bumper Rugged ridge overrider bar Rugged ridge winch plate Blue ox towbar A little tough, had to modify over rider bar. And the bumper to make it work. But it came out very well. The tow loops look like OEM
  10. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Installed new bumper winch plate and winch, along with Maximus-3 tow loops to flat tow.
  11. Rugged Ridge Spartacus vs. Rubicon Steel Bumper

    I just bought it on north ridge 4x4 using a code “JLwranglerforums” I bought the stubby and got it for 399. Sale ends today I think
  12. Do I need a skid plate?

    I want to purchase the steel bumper and now I just realized it needs a skid plate now? Do I need a skid plate? Problem is I am installing Maximus tow loops and don’t want to fight cutting steel skid plate. And other items to flat tow.
  13. Wanting to Buy steel front bumper

    I’m in middle TN. Looking for steel bumper. Anyone want to sell theirs?
  14. Mopar Flat Tow Harness arrived

    Thank you. This is awesome. Now I see how it hooks up.
  15. Mopar Flat Tow Harness arrived

    Does it come with a connector? (Where you plug in the 7 pin). And where did install the connector?
  16. Mopar Flat Tow Harness arrived

    Thank you. Do I need to buy a connection plate? Or does the harness have that also? No pictures online I could find.
  17. Mopar Flat Tow Harness arrived

    Does this harness come with a connection to plug in the cable from the motorhome? Is it 7 pin? So I would need a 7pin to 7pin umbilical cord?
  18. Best Setup for RV Flat Tow

    Now you guys have scared me out of doing anything. I purchased the Maximus-3 tow hooks. But after seeing your work to get them to fit. I’m not sure I want to do it. Instructions said just to cut skid plate. Nothing about the hole saw. And the wiring I’m all lost on. I don’t even know if I’m...
  19. Flat Towing with Installed Winch

    This is the same setup with our new JLUR we want to do. I currently have the plastic bumper. And was planning on purchasing the steel and Maximus-3 tow hooks. Questions. What is your safety hooks connected to? What are all the lines for running form the RV and how do they hook up. Thanks...