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  1. Rate my line.... 😀

    If your a manly guy...young woman like it. Today’s men are lacking testosterone and seem gay...
  2. I'm thinking of trading to a Bronco

    Try tightening the steering box bolts and the steering box adjustment on top. Then grow a pair!
  3. 2021 Seat Torture

    I love seats! 6 foot 185 lbs...bunch of whiny candy asses out here!
  4. No one will admit it, but here goes.....

    I bought a fully loaded 2Dr Rubicon in February and got $5000 off MSRP. Now your lucky to even get one! Enjoy your new Jeep and never look back!
  5. 2022 Jeep Wrangler Ordering & Production Start Dates Released

    I actually love my Rubicon seats! I’m 6 foot 180 like a glove!
  6. How bad is this deal on new Rubi? Please

    I think it’s a fair deal if he is dead set on leasing...👍🏻
  7. Car & Driver track tests 3.6L Wrangler vs. 2.7L and 2.3L Broncos

    Wish they would have tested a Rubicon 2dr with the 3.6L Jeep is quick!
  8. This is weird Easter egg on a Rubicon

    Someone’s a party pooper 💩
  9. Wrangler as a daily driver?

    2dr Rubicon as a my ride to work!
  10. New Jeep Uncertainty?

    I am also very close to retirement and decided to get my toy early. I bought a 2021 two-door Rubicon. I got the Rubicon because I knew I could leave it completely stock and be happy with the extra height and tire size. It also comes with 410 gearing and that combined with the 3.6L E-torque...
  11. Tommy From TFL Took His Willys Offroad

    You obviously haven’t bought a new Jeep lately...
  12. 8.4 Uconnect OTA Update on Sat July 10th fixed backup lines?

    Never had an issue with any part of my JL. Rubicon. So you get better audio sound not using the Bluetooth?
  13. Poop on 392

    Good lord people are never satisfied....
  14. Have all the JL problems been worked out for '21?

    My 2021 RUBICON has been perfect. 7000 miles.