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  1. Performance suspension for 392?

    I had the Diesel specific AEV Dual Sport 2.5" lift (more like 3") installed on '21 JLURD and it handled good but no where as good and sorted as factory setup on my 392! Not sure I want to sacrifice the current ride quality on the Fox 2" IMO. . .
  2. 392 Check engine light and wont start on first push

    Attempted to start my 392 this morning (@ 675 miles)and just turned over until I hit the start stop button to stop it from turning over. No CELs that I noticed. Hit it a second time and it fired right up. . .
  3. 6.4 Failed to Start

    Good Call! Checked that once I got some coffee in me and I remembered my '21 JLURD where out 3-4mm. The 392 fuses were only out 1-2mm so maybe. . .
  4. 6.4 Failed to Start

    Engine failed to start this morning. Pressed start button and engine turned over for 5-10 seconds until I pressed start button again to stop turn over. Pressed Start button a second time and 392 fired up as usual. 675 miles and 62F. Anyone else experience this situation?
  5. Orders with half doors on delay

    I was in JB status for about three weeks until I checked yesterday morning and I had a window sticker!:rock: Dealer confirmed I was in KBZ!!! Somebody in another forum mentioned that their order was in JB status at the "Argus plant". After some research it appears that this Argus plant is across...
  6. Tennessee WTB 4.10 gear set JL Rubicon

    WTB 4.10 gear sets front & rear for my ‘21 Rubicon diesel. Thanx, Jas
  7. Diesel Lift Kit?

    Received the AEV Diesel 2.5 Lift Kit 12/24 and got installed over the weekend. This rig rides better than stock! Very Happy. Definitely taller than 2.5”(no I did take measurements as I forgot in my anx) Be for warned, the passenger side upper control arm bolt to frame will not come out without A...
  8. Grab Handle Kit - Mopar

    I took delivery of my factory order 21 JLURD in early September and the Front & Rear Grab handle kit by Mopar was not in the Jeep. I was told the dealer will have a kit ordered and would be here in a week. Two months later I still do not have the grab handles as I was told yesterday @ dealer...
  9. Buzzing sound after shutdown

    The diesel supplemt states the amount of time the engine should idle/cool down based on the type of driving before shutting off engine
  10. Filler Neck Adapter

    Was I supposed to have received a diesel fuel filler neck adapter with my ‘21 JLURD?
  11. Waiting

    Ordered mine 7/3 and came in 9/9.
  12. Tennessee 5 Rubicon tires for sales ‘21

    Not at this time
  13. Tennessee 5 Rubicon tires for sales ‘21

    Selling 5 BFG KO2 tires w/564 miles (spare has 0 miles)$800 cash . Tires taken off 2021 Rubicon. All highway miles since purchased vehicle last week. Local pick up only Knoxville,TN
  14. Diesel Lift Kit?

    I would have to agree as mfgs shock settings are tuned to spring rates, mixing and matching is recipe for disaster