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  1. New UK owner

    How is the ride with the lift kit? Mind sharing tire and wheels dimensions? Lovely looking Jeep!
  2. JL in Europe

    Well I don't want to get too technical but since 2019 it's been getting harder to homologate non EU cars because of emissions regulations. I don't need a more powerful Wrangler for outright speed, I just need power for overtakes. Lots of two lanes roads in my area so 80-120 needs to be strong...
  3. JL in Europe

    Thanks for the suggestion but I prefer a euro version, I'm not from Germany, and there isn't any support for US vehicles here, some parts differ on them and also no warranty and probably some issues with homologation which I just don't want to deal with. I've done it before with a US spec...
  4. JL in Europe

    I've only seen it on the JT. That is the only engine you can buy it with. But JT is impractical as it's ridiculously long at 5,5 meters... Was hoping to get it in the JL, as I found both 4 cyl engines unlikeable.
  5. 2020 JLUR steering issue

    Has the issue been addressed in the 2021 model year or are they also subject to the TSB? Thanks.
  6. JL in Europe

    Anyone have any info on the new 3.0 diesel engine making it to our side of the pond?
  7. JL in Europe

    Hello everyone! Does anybody know if the new 3.0 diesel will be available in Europe? My dealer is absolutely useless in this regard. I'm considering a 2.2 but would much rather have a 3.0 if it becomes available next year.
  8. Start of 3.0 Production

    Hi! Does anyone know if this engine will be available in Europe? Thanks.