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  1. Banks Power - Exhaust, Intake, Tuner

    If anyone near Michigan is interested in one, please PM me. I just sold my JL Diesel for a JT and have my Derringer sitting in the box. Used for a couple months. EDIT: Unit is sold.
  2. How did you decide on your engine?

    I wanted an unnecessary amount of torque at a low RPM. Diesel - ✔
  3. Article: 2022 Wrangler Xtreme Recon Would Beat The 2021 Bronco With A Lift And Bigger Tires

    I'll be keeping an eye out for reports on Friday. I'd like to see if they'll allow the package to fitted to diesels.
  4. Who has the most miles on their Ecodiesel so far?

    13k miles here. The only issue I had was ~1 quart of oil consumption in the first 5k miles. After topping it back off the consumption never returned.
  5. Is open Jeep a dying art?

    The hassle of taking off the hard top isn't worth the time for me. The weather changes so quickly here in Michigan, I'd spend an hour or two every other day dinking around with the top. I'd rather just take off the freedom panels and call it a day. Also, with this being the dog mobile, I can't...
  6. EcoDiesels in the wild?

    I've seen quite a few around Central Michigan. There's a Sarge Green Willy's identical to mine around town somewhere, and I saw an orange Rubicon diesel a couple days ago. Also, a buddy of mine went on a road trip to Colorado this spring and said most of the JLs that caught his eye were...
  7. Banks Power - Exhaust, Intake, Tuner

    I ordered my Derringer with DataMonster gauge today. The guy I spoke to said they're still waiting for approval (as the website indicates), but I'm at least in queue to ship once they get the clearance. I'm excited to see the gains and am happy they've put the proper protections in place to...
  8. EcoDiesel Engine Chirping Noise

    Spot on with the distant siren. I can't tell you how many times I've checked in my rear view while sitting at a stop light. I'm getting to the point where I know to tell myself it's the Jeep, but I still glance just to make sure.
  9. aFe Scorcher for 3.0

    There's a guy by the name of Eddie on the Eco-Diesel Facebook group that recently applied the tune. I don't want to copy and paste his post, but in summary he saw an overall increase in power; however he mentioned some power surging on the "max" setting, and the sport mode didn't see the same...
  10. 3.0 won’t crank

    It's very likely your fuel is gelled up. Here in the northern states our winter blend fuel has additives in it to prevent against gelling in freezing temps. The cold temps were just as much of a surprise to the oil companies as it was to you. Under normal conditions your fuel would never need...
  11. Air intake noise when decelerating?

    Does it sound like a turbine by chance? It could be the sound of your turbo spooling down. I occasionally hear mine when I’m coming down the small hill on the road approaching our house. There’s a sharp corner at the bottom so I’m normally going 15-20 mph and the sound is pretty distinct...
  12. Pricing announced for 2021 Wrangler Rubicon 4xe and Sahara 4xe

    I heard from who has been a reliable source for me at FCA that they need to sell the 4Xe at a rate of ~3-4:1 to the 392 Rubicon to not lower the average fuel economy for the Wrangler family. I'm assuming this aggressive pricing is in place to help achieve that. This could be incorrect, but I...
  13. 2021 JLU-D Fuel additives and treatments

    Hey Nick, you brought up some great questions! Bravo for questioning the value behind the additives, versus following the crowd and assuming it's just "what people do". I did some research myself before I started using additives on my EcoDiesel at ~3k miles (~4k KM). I've linked a blog post...
  14. What else do you drive?

    1964 Shelby Cobra 289 FIA & 2019 Alfa Romeo Giulia TI Sport. Funny part is, the Giulia was my commuter car and now the Wrangler gets better mileage:CWL:. I never thought I'd be able to say that.
  15. Turbo

    Agreed, even a slight audible increase would be appreciated. To me, the sound of diesel includes both the clatter and the sound of a spooling turbo upon acceleration. 👍
  16. 2021 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392 V8 - Specs, Wallpapers, Videos!

    The forced body color top and flares is a big let down for me. I'm excited to watch the reveal and hear more, but I don't like those two pieces being a requirement.
  17. 2021 Eco Diesel suddenly much louder

    Have you checked the heat shields around your exhaust? I'm wondering if one is rattling on it.
  18. 2021 Eco Diesel suddenly much louder

    Agreed, you would think so, but rod knocks have a funny way of hiding themselves outside of an idle. I wish I knew why and could share with you. Does anyone know why that is? I'd love to know myself and figure this would be a great learning moment. I wish you the best on the repair Parratt...
  19. 2021 Eco Diesel suddenly much louder

    You should have had that on a flat bed to the dealer yesterday. It sounds like a rod knock to me. Be thankful you're under warranty.
  20. Motortrend 2019 JLU Rubicon Long-Term Test Verdict: Not the Year We Expected

    I was not emotionally prepared to read this thread. There should be some kind of warning in the title: NSE (Not Safe...Ever) We lost our 11 Y/O GSD to cancer a couple years ago, and I have to say, the loss of my best friend that day was absolutely one of the hardest days I've ever gone...