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  1. E Locker disconnect harness

    I am trying to wire the E Lockers for my axles. Right now the options are limited and expensive. Mopar sells a harness for 80 bucks. Others are selling the same harness on ebay for 60 bucks. When i can make it for much cheaper. I found the connector online for 5 bucks. But there are no pins. I...
  2. Differential Cover, Which one is better?

    There is one thing I noticed in these threads other than a lot of information being shared, and allowing each person to judge for themselves what answer is correct or not. And that is those who post a biased response to information someone else has posted. Ill give a simple example of this. I...
  3. Need of help installing E-Lockers

    I have a 18 JLU Sahara with Dana 30 front and 44 Rear axles. I just ordered a set of factory Rubicon 44 assemblies with E-Lockers. If I buy the Locker switch panel and the 2 harnesses. Will there be an existing plug in the factory harness to plug in the switch panel ? Or will I need to wire it...
  4. Arizona Brand New Mopar UD44 AdvanTek 4.88 Crate Axle

    Can you provide more specs for this axle. Such as type of locker, with or without axles, brakes, etc. Or do you have any pictures of the Axle with the crate open ?
  5. California Axles and suspension for sale

    Thanks for the response. These are the factory lockers, correct ? And are these the 18 axles or the 20 axles ?
  6. California Axles and suspension for sale

    Do these have lockers ? How many miles on the axles ? And is the FAD still operational ?
  7. Oil filter after 91k miles

    And the dumbass of the year award goes too.... I have 103,000 miles on my 18 JLUS and have no issues, because I maintain my equipment. But with all the vehicles on the market today, the 3.6L has got to be the easiest oil filter to change. So seeing articles like this, and someone destroying...
  8. Texas Brand New Mopar Lift Fox Shocks

    If these are still available, I am interested in them. Is the shipping included in the 600 ? Please message me, so we can discuss further.
  9. Mounting ARB Air Compressor

    I watched the install video from your site, and think this is a pretty good solution. The only concern I would see, is half the mount is bolted to a part of the engine, and the other half is bolted to the body. This would cause body damage under high engine torque.
  10. Texas Brand New Mopar Lift Fox Shocks

    Do the Rear shocks have the plastic covers with them ?
  11. Texas Brand New Mopar Lift Fox Shocks

    You are asking more for shocks I can buy at 4WP or even Fox direct. These shocks retail for 169 each. Might want to rethink how much you are asking.....
  12. Steering issues cured by installing new Steering gear box! (per TSB 08-074-20)

    @JeepCares I have had this issue from the day I bought my Jeep. I have spent over 2k on steering upgrade components to fix this issue. When the TSB came out, I am out of warranty, and cannot even purchase the part to install myself. Is Jeep willing to assist me in taking care of my Jeep to fix...

    Has anyone noticed something. JeepCares will reply to just about any thread or post. Except when someone posts a negative post about the lack of response, failed response, or sweep the problem under the rug by JeepCares. They seem to be more of a PR Depth, then actually assist someone with a...
  14. Has anyone installed the Mopar Trailer Brake Controller?

    I said 2073 when I meant 3073-P. But this does not specifically say if this works on the 2018 or not with the OEM controller.
  15. Has anyone installed the Mopar Trailer Brake Controller?

    I have read 2 different threads about the OEM controller. I have seen a Jeep memo about 2018s having issues, and others fixing issues with a 2073-p harness. I have a 2018 JLU Sahara with the tow package. I wamt to install the OEM controller. Has anyone installed it in a 2018, and does the...
  16. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    @JeepCares This is getting to be total BS. I took my vehicle in to dealership, and factory denied my claim. Service manager called and told me to call Jeep. When I called, they claim to have no record. Called dealership back, and they were able to pull up request. I paid 60k for a vehicle with...
  17. Rubicon rear steel bumper on Sahara

    Mine was a Rubi Take off with the sensor holes. I went to the dealership and bought all the plastic brackets for the sensors. Cost me 50 bucks. But each bracket is different. The parts department pulled the drawings for a Rubi bumper and gave me all 6.
  18. Rubicons Mis-aligned ?

    I have a 2018 JLU Sahara and the pull does not feel as significant with the smaller tires. But as soon as I went to 35s the pull got real bad, and I developed a death wobble from hell. The solution was to install a Steer Smarts Yeti system. Then I added the Synergy steering box bracket to...
  19. JLU Rubicon Auto: 35" and 37" - Regearing Math

    Ok, I am going to ask for some clarification on something. I have a 18 JLU Sahara with a Dana 30 front and 44 rear. It came with 3.45 gears and 32" tires. I added a Mopar 2" lift, and went to 35x12s. I lost 8th gear, and do alot of commuting.(75k miles in 2 years) I drive the hills often with...