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  1. Willy’s 4WD Sticker on a Rubicon; lame or cool?

    I put the same decal on but below the right taillight instead of the traditional spot on the tailgate. I have a Sport but just wanted to pay homage to the Willys heritage. Go for it, I say. Edit:. Add photo.
  2. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Minor mod, major satisfaction: Fishbone Offroad Rear Quarter Panel Guards I just wanted to protect the tub from flying debris. The finished look was just a bonus.
  3. Raid Rear Bumper Reviews?

    No, I have the Roam Slimline tire carrier. While I do love it, it was a bit of a pain to install and they have been out of stock for a long time so I can't really recommend it. It has the wraparound corner protection but leaves the tub exposed towards the tire so I'm excited to get the Fishbone...
  4. Raid Rear Bumper Reviews?

    Nice find! I wasn't aware of this product. Just ordered on Quadratec (a little cheaper and free shipping if you order over $49).
  5. PUNK'N Wrangler Jl club

    Rowher Flat OHV Area. More specifically, the Bouquet Trail on the west side which is not very technical but long and narrow in places with great scenery.
  6. Advice for Lift & Tires 2018 JLU Sport

    I actually never went that route. I was about to when Roam Slimline tire carrier bumper became available. I have an RC spacer lift which is great and a buddy has their folding tailgate table which he likes a lot. They make good stuff and their prices a good.
  7. Clickbait Title: DOES ESS WORK?! You won't BELIEVE what happened on tank 105! (Fuel Consumption Analysis: 2 years, 122 tanks, 30k miles)

    It kinda is indirectly. The lower the average MPG is for a manufacturer, the higher the fines they have to pay. That's regulation.
  8. Why so much hate for angry eyes grilles?

    Funny thread. Just about everyone who wrote "It's your Jeep, do what you like" went on to say how ugly angry grills are.... :CWL: .....and they are. I don't care if it's your Jeep. I can appreciate just about any mod but don't mess with the iconic grill; the rest of us have to look at it.
  9. 6 DOOR JL with Pics (Real)

    They installed a spacer lift kit for me that I supplied. The boss gave me some disclaimer about it but I didn't have any issues.
  10. What are these brackets

    You're welcome. BTW, I used the generic term "farm jack" but it seems this mount is specifically for the Hi-Lift brand. Also, it must be at least the 48" length. Shorter won't fit and longer will stick out awkwardly.
  11. What are these brackets

    Farm jack mount. See my post here:
  12. Any fix recommendations for P1DB1 obd code???

    Maybe the transmission control module has actually gone bad or your batteries are going bad. Either way, definitely take it in. The technicians will need diagnotic tools to troubleshoot the culprit. There aren't any more home remedies. Keep us updated.
  13. Any fix recommendations for P1DB1 obd code???

    P1DB1 - Transmission Control Module System Voltage Excessively Low Check to make sure all your fuses are seated properly. Then see if your ESS is working. This will mean your batteries are charged. After that, it's dealer service time.
  14. Century Club 100K Miles

    Didn't your JK have the lifetime warranty? Or was the sway bar disco system not covered?
  15. calling to all rear bumper/tire carrier folks.

    I'm not sure what would cause the gate to flex or deform in any way. There is very little weight on it. As long as the gate is closing properly and the gaps are uniform, it should be fine. I've had mine on for 18 months and it's solid.