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  1. Sahara upgrade wheels or granite wheels on JLUS??

    My favorite are the upgraded sport wheels. Then the upgraded Rubicon’s. Get the sport wheels and look for some take off Rubicon tires only. Or just go after market for both wheels and tires.
  2. Cargo mat for 2-door with rear seats removed

    They have cut to fit like this. But it won’t be perfect. It will be short as it’s only 36” long. In time more options for the two door should become available.
  3. 2-door seat release handles - don't yank 'em too hard

    I use Marine Tex on everything too! Normally the geyish color one.
  4. Motortrend says 2019 JL 'may' receive a new special-edition model

    You could get a rear locker in 2018. I think it would be great for Jeep to do a Willy’s with a rear locker, high fenders and rails.
  5. 35s on 18 or 20" wheels?

    If you’re not planning to air down 20” are good. I checked the tire specs and 10” wheel width is perfect for those 35x12.50” tires. Ask yourself two questions. -Do I like the look of 20” or 18”? -will I ever air down? Personally I love the look of 20” and 35s on full-size pickups. On Jeep...
  6. Intake box modification They also have some others and just filters. All by the same aFe brand. No K&N...
  7. Wrangler JL (boat) towing experience report

    I would consider adjusting how the boat sits on the trailer if you’re going to continue to use the JL as a tow vehicle. Move the boat further back on the trailer lightening up the tongue weight.
  8. Post your pics with plastidip rims The link above has a video link on the page showing how to do it. Seems simple enough. The wheels don’t need to be removed from the vehicle nor any taping required. I have no experience with this...
  9. Wrangler JL (boat) towing experience report

    Is the cooling system the same?
  10. Wrangler JL (boat) towing experience report
  11. I now understand

    Boat = Bring On Another Thousand Gotta pay to play either way!
  12. JL Sahara with 20's and 33's

    That +18mm offset looks excellent with 12”ish tires.
  13. JL Rubicon on Method Wheels...let's see em!

    I’d like to see the 308 Roost in bronze.
  14. Bestop JL Soft Top - Help Us Decide

    I think your Trektop pro hybrid soft top is a great idea and would love to see it in the 2-door JL.
  15. Help me decide on these wheels

    If you haven’t already decided look at Black Rhino. I believe they have some with a +28mm offset and a 5.7” backspace on a 8” wide wheel.
  16. new owner - keeping black fenders black

    Do you think a “heat gun” would work?
  17. Video of JLUR on Chinaman Gulch

    I now know what brass balls look like!
  18. Any Rubicon owners NOT planning to install lift/tires?

    I’m waiting for the two door Rubicon. I’m not lifting her. I will after a bit replace the tires with Nitto Ridge Grabbers in 285/75 r17 C load. Which is spec’d at 33.86” by 11.26”. But no rush.
  19. Understanding LED factory