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  1. First real world diesel rubicon mpg test

    Had an ecodiesel. sold it around 25k miles or so. Mileage was the same from 0 miles till I sold it.
  2. anyone with 6K miles and zero problems

    24k. Rear windshield Granada’s itself the second day I owned it. Took like 4 months to get it replaced. it had the steering wheel wondering issues but it has sorted itself out. I think after 10k miles the Jeep either “settle” itself or I am just used to it driving like crap. But I do feel it...
  3. Body bolts and how not to break them.

    A heat gun will work just as well if you already have one.
  4. Avoid the diesel?

    Prior ram eco owner here. Got rid of mine around 25k miles. At around 22k the ERG cooler gave up, did some research and is a know issue. FYI the warranty on the ERG is only 24K miles. Good luck to you all, I did love it. But just crazy that they are not reliable like old diesels used to be.
  5. Clear used key from JL

    I do not believe you can clear a key that has been previously programmed. once it has been married to a car that’s it. You cannot switch it. A new blank key needs to be ordered.
  6. EZTrunk looks interesting

    Anyone know where to purchase?
  7. Forward collision warning (FCW) and automatic emergency breaking (AEB) malfunction??

    They need to push this issue up to engineering something is obviously not working as it “should” @JeepCares
  8. Maryland JLUR Rails, 2 months old no damage.

    Anyone!!! :fingerscrossed:
  9. Jeep-1, chevy-0

    Happen to me with a Mercedes. It was a hard hit, but his bumper and hood got pretty messed up. Barely a scuff on my bumper
  10. Forward collision warning (FCW) and automatic emergency breaking (AEB) malfunction??

    I have mentioned it to the dealer, it goes under the can not duplicate and we will make a note of it!
  11. Rear heater

    Set it to blow on the dash and it should work. Mine work great. If that still does not work I suggest a visit to the dealer.
  12. sound/volume change when removing hard top?

    I remember on my JK there was mentioned of this feature when they went with the new Alpine system in 2015. Yes the system would adjust when the hard top plug changes state. Watch this video, about half way they mentioned about the system having different tuning with top on/off.
  13. Harbor Frieght Winch

    I like the new Apex they have, but at that price point i rather get the smittybilt 12K one. Better warranty and is a company that supports the community.
  14. Been out of a Wrangler for 2 years. Ready to get back in. WANT 4 cyl. CHANGE MY MIND!

    This is pretty good advice here. I have a 2.0 now and i owned a V6 on a jk both are great.
  15. Maryland JLUR Rails, 2 months old no damage.

    Yes they are.
  16. Did Jeep build 2018 Jeep Wrangler with 49-state emission?

    It sounds like they are trying to sell the car to someone else under you. Cant you just buy it and registered it yourself from the dealer?