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  1. North Carolina 35" BFG KO2's on JT Mojave Wheels

    Selling all four wheels and tires. The usual story...went 35 and now want 37's. Tires have about 1k miles on them. Rims have no blemishes. Everything is like new. Available in about a week. TPMS sensors included. You can take them and mount them. If you aren't familiar with Mojave it's got a...
  2. Check Engine Light - Code p0137

    This thread will help you.
  3. North Carolina 2019 Jeep Unlimited Rubicon 3.6L V6 Sting Grey - 16k miles - Lots of Upgrades - $49,500

    For sale: 2019 Jeep Unlimited Rubicon 3.6L V6 Sting Grey with just under 16k miles - $49,500. One owner vehicle that has always been garaged. The Jeep is like new. Loaded with nearly every available option (see window sticker). Pre-Covid this just ran back and forth to the airport, so it...
  4. North Carolina UPR Catch Can - 3.6 V6 - $110 Shipped

    This is a basically new UPR Catch Can from a Wrangler I sold. It was only on the vehicle for about 1k miles before I moved to a Gladiator. Boxed up and ready to ship. $110 shipped.
  5. JeepGladiator Forum

    @JAY looking to join the Gladiator forum. Can you set me up with the same login for both? I tried using the Facebook option over there (which I use here) and am getting an error.
  6. North Carolina Nitto Ridge Grappler - 37x12.5x17 - 5 total - Charlotte area - $1500 obo

    So, I replaced my 35” KO2’s with these.. They look awesome and I love the tires but didn’t care for the overall on-road handling trade-offs. These have about 1700 miles on them. $358 each new x 5 tires. Spare has no miles. When I find a buyer I’ll go ahead and buy my replacement 35’s...
  7. Which Warranty Did You Get? And how much did it cost?

    It ran concurrently and just gave you bumper to bumper for a full 6 years.
  8. Strong smell of burning oil...

    A more detailed thread here -
  9. Valve Cover Oil Leak

    I started another thread here for the same issue -
  10. Check Engine Light - Code p0137

    Yep all good so far.
  11. Check Engine Light - Code p0137

    Appears resolved. Here’s the service ticket. I think the plenum thing was an incorrect diagnosis and likely didn’t need replacement.
  12. Check Engine Light - Code p0137

    It sounds like the same issue I had.
  13. Check Engine Light - Code p0137

    I have been waiting for this thing to appear to finalize itself before providing another update. So, a quick recap to catch you up. Jeep starts idling rough and throws the CEL and the Auto/Stop Start Light Take it in and they tell me there is a leak in the valve cover gasket that was leaking...
  14. Check Engine Light - Code p0137

    So it turned out to be a leak in the valve cover gasket, leaking into the exhaust, which fouled an oxygen sensor. They fixed it but now I have an oil leak, taking it back in on Monday to fix the new leak. As an aside I did get the new steering box put in which is amazing.
  15. Check Engine Light - Code p0137

    It threw it again this morning