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  1. Start-X Remote start

    I installed Start-X in my daughter's Jeep last week. The hardest part was downloading all the software to a PC and flashing the module. It took me an hour to do it. I almost gave up. I can't even describe what I did wrong, but I did get it to work. The physical install inside the Jeep was easy...
  2. 2020 JLUR Back Seat Lift Bar

    Interesting, I can't get my 60% seat to unlock so I can fold it down. I'll look to see if mine is attached.
  3. Specs for removing the factory lug nuts?

    Stock lugs are 22mm. Use a deep socket.
  4. Easy Amp Add Question

    I‘m in the same boat with my daughters Jeep sport S. Do you mind listing what you replaced your factory speaker with? Thanks
  5. Just back from 2 weeks in Europe and spotted 2 JLU's

    We were in Paris and Milan last summer and I saw a bunch of Jeep Wranglers. I was surprised. I saw more Jeeps than Ferarris and Lambos in Italy!
  6. Poor paint job on 2020 JLUR

    Thats what I've been thinking. Not sure if I want the whole car being repainted. I don't want to have to explain that the Jeep was repainted due to an inadequate job at the factory and not due to an accident. Either explanation would give a potential buyer pause. I submitted my claim to FCA...

    What was your MSRP on the Jeep?
  8. Poor paint job on 2020 JLUR

    Update... I went to the dealer and they confirmed the issue, primer showing. I went out to the lot and looked at the other Wranglers. They all have primer showing. Its just worse on the black and blue wranglers because of the contrast. My tailgate hinges are the worst of all the Jeeps that I...
  9. Poor paint job on 2020 JLUR

    The hinges weren't adjusted at any time. The paint line fades into the primer all around the hinge. Every hinge on the Jeep has some primer showing all around the hinge. Every hinge. There is even primer showing under the back side of the hinges.
  10. Poor paint job on 2020 JLUR

    I was hoping it was wax, its not...
  11. Poor paint job on 2020 JLUR

    Thats not a bad idea, it would cover up the primer on top of the hinges. However, it doesn't solve the lack of paint under the hinge pins on the body.
  12. Poor paint job on 2020 JLUR

    Did the dealer do it themselves, or did they send it out?
  13. Poor paint job on 2020 JLUR

    I ordered a loaded JLUR and finally picked it up at the dealer in Memphis. I'm stoked. It was raining Friday when I signed the paperwork and I did a cursory inspection of the jeep after driving it. It all looked good...until this morning. The Jeep got dirty this weekend driving in the rain, so I...
  14. Post your 2020 JL build status

    Congrats on the quick delivery. Did you get all your status updates via Jeep Chat?
  15. Post your 2020 JL build status

    Well, it turns out I had the VIN off by one character (the dealer gave me a screen shot of my order with the VIN). I just talked to Jeep Chat and found out it is built and ready to be shipped! Thanks for the info!
  16. Post your 2020 JL build status

    I ordered a jeep JLUR on 11/25. How do I find this info out?
  17. 2020 Rubicon availability?

    Are Rubicon buyers staying away from the 2.0 engine in the 2020 Rubicon?
  18. Excellent experience & price with Superior Jeep in Conway, AR

    I'm curious if she got back to you. Are they still offering a good deal?
  19. 2020 Sahara engine options

    I'm ready to pull the trigger on a 2020 Wrangler. I was originally in the market for a Sahara with an auto transmission. Now, I'm hesitant because I have to get either the 2.0 Turbo or the 3.6; both E-torque. Now I'm leaning towards a Rubicon to stay away from the E-torque engine. Then the...
  20. 2020 JL, 8.4” Radio (AEK) and the Advanced safety group (ALP)

    I just emailed two dealers in the Memphis area with my 2020 Sahara build. I'm asking for 6% below invoice. What discounts is everyone here getting on their 2020 orders? I haven't heard back from the dealers yet.