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  1. Colorado WTB front dana 30 axle JL

    I have one for sale in michigan
  2. Pretty sure I've blown my Rubicon shocks. Are Falcon shocks the best?

    I ran falcon 2.1 shocks and think they are a good option for the money, I am now running rock krawler RRD 2.25 with reservoirs and like these a lot better
  3. Michigan SOLD_Falcon Shocks 2.1 2-3.5" Lift

    Yes they have, forgot to mark sold
  4. Granite Crystal Haybilt 4X4 Build 40s and Kingpins?!

    More progress has been made on the Build! factory axles came out with no problems, easiest is way is to roll them out New axles are under the jeep Painted up some limit strap tabs to add the the frame and axles ECGS supplied some awesome brake lines for the front axle Checked...
  5. Michigan 2018 Jeep JLU Sahara driveshafts front and rear

    $500 Takes both drive shafts they currently have 40k miles on them.
  6. Dana 44 LSD and Dana 30 Bolt-in Package

    Bump these are ready for you to install and can be delivered within a certain distance.
  7. Dookey's DD

    Frame to top of tube measurement would be a good comparison. I have not yet, they are waiting on the axles to be delivered. I can say visually they are VERY impressive, they make my Nitto Ridge Grapplers look like they were meant for a toy car.
  8. Dookey's DD

    That is a good point about the spring perch and tube diameter. I am installing 3.5" metalcloack springs with 1/2" spacer with East Coast Gear Supply Dana 60s. I'm interested to compare ground to frame measurements between our setups....I'm running Mickey Thompson Baja Boss 40s
  9. Dookey's DD

    Is 4.5" the final lift height you ended up running?
  10. Granite Crystal Haybilt 4X4 Build 40s and Kingpins?!

    That's definitely worth taking the time to do, do you recall what the shock travel lengths were for your RRDs? Those 35's look like they tuck in the fender fairly well. AAL high line lights will definitely improve clearance( And look AWESOME!). If you are looking for a right now fix check out...
  11. Granite Crystal Haybilt 4X4 Build 40s and Kingpins?!

    I will try to find a better photo, I don't believe it will be to hard to do. I will post some pictures of how I do mine.
  12. Granite Crystal Haybilt 4X4 Build 40s and Kingpins?!

    I like how RockJock retained the factory inner fender liner on their JL. I am going to try yo replicate this along with AAL fender chop light.
  13. Any need to weld hitch

    My advice take it or leave it would be to install the hitch with the proper grade bolts per the manufactures instructions. Welding or/and additional supports may or may not improve weight carrying capacity but you can not say that it is now a Class 3 receiver. There is much more engineering...
  14. Love the look of this new Rugged Ridge Venator bumper

    Genright makes an awesome aluminum bumper, it is what I run and I can say that it holds up very well
  15. Too much goodness pic...

    Looks great, Rock Krawler mentions interference with the gas tank for the rear adventure series long arms. Did you find this to be true?
  16. Any need to weld hitch

    I agree that it would help with the downwards twisting motion to an extent but saying that it comes close to a Class IV hitch (1,400lb TW) is a far stretch. It would add strength over the factory design possibly but it doesn't mean it raises the rated towing capacity of the vehicle.