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  1. 10,000 Mile Report

    I have had mine for about a year now and have had no sound about 3 times now. What I do is cycle all the input modes via the steering wheel button. None of the dash buttons worked.
  2. Fuel Fill-Up

    Lol! My wife has a 2018
  3. Upgrade to Alpine premium system

    The sound quality is okay at best, the 8" woofer in the back can't hit the low notes even for the limited range of an 8 and it doesn't get loud. I have a 4 door hard top. Compared to my old G8 with just paper speakers the quality is comparable on every tangible aspect. Like I said, is the...
  4. Upgrade to Alpine premium system

    I have the alpine speakers from the factory and they kinda suck. Better than nothing? Yeah, but I wouldn't get them if I had the entire aftermarket to choose from.
  5. Fuel Fill-Up

    Never happened with the Jeep, but my wife's Durango has this capless flap thing for the fuel tank and nearly every pump hates it. What I do is just rotate the handle 90-180 degrees and it won't prematurely shut down the pump
  6. Aftermarket Windshields?

    What about this? I have never heard anything about this besides a local guy was selling them I don't know if what he was selling is the same as the mopar, I just linked it because it was the first link on my Google search
  7. HVAC acting extreme - My heater and AC feels like it is either full hot or cold no in between

    Okay so let begin with this is not a big deal to me and am more or less just curious if other people have the same experience. My heater and AC feels like it is either full hot or cold no in between. The other day it was around 65 degrees and I had dual climate zones on the face blaster vents...
  8. Aftermarket Windshields?

    Gorilla Glass has a JL option
  9. Mudding Harmful to Jeep?

    Regular old mud made of dirt and water no potential issues as long as you are careful when washing and not grinding the grit into the clearcoat when you wash the body and are thorough when hosing off the under carriage. Now if it's volcanic or silt mud that's an entirely different story. That...
  10. Best sounding Cold Air Intake??

    A snorkel is the only true "cold air" intake, otherwise you're just pulling hot engine bay air.
  11. Nexen Roadian MTX

    Bump, maybe someone has them?
  12. how steep can you go?

    I have only gotten 20° roll and 19° decline. The decline(going down hill) was nothing. But that roll felt like something else. I don't think I would feel comfortable with anything over 20 lol!
  13. Stock axel shafts Vs. Chromoly shafts

    Not to thread jack, but the new JL 44s are supposed to be stronger then the JKs right? Anyone have numbers for the differences?
  14. Jeep Sales Plunge In Australia

    I don't think Jeep especially Wranglers have ever been a popular option in Au. From what I can see they really love their isuzu troopers, range rovers and toyotas. I could be mistaken tho, I don't really research what vehicles are popular in other countries.
  15. Nexen Roadian MTX

    Anyone using these? Been hearing good things, but would like to hear a more unbiased opinion.
  16. Bumper confusion

    Sheepjeep and Suffolklou Thank you! That was exactly what I was so confused about. I definitely feel better about choosing a bumper now
  17. Bumper confusion

    Let me preface this with I posted this in the exterior mod page with 0 replies so maybe someone who knows more that doesn't frequent that page can help me here. Thanks Okay, so during my research I have figured out that old JK bumpers will fit JLs with brackets. But apparently JL Rubicon fog...
  18. Confused on front bumper

    Okay, so during my research I have figured out that old JK bumpers will fit JLs with brackets. But apparently JL Rubicon fog lights don't fit at all in nearly every bumper that I like. My question is what exactly is it from the Rubicon fogs that don't fit. And are they only referring to the...
  19. Steelie beadlocks

    I posted this in the wheel section but got 0 replies so sorry for reposting but maybe someone who is knowledgeable doesn't go into that section much. So I been researching beadlocks and have found 99% of them to be out of my price range that I want to spend until I seen a post on a local...
  20. So, it’s hot in Texas today...

    So Texas thinks its hot huh... Arizona has something to say about that