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  1. Washing Naked..? (Possible Dumb Question)

    I did detailing for 10 years and I remember when Optimum No Rinse or ONR in detail forum speak came out. I was reluctant to use it - at first, then, after many other detailers I looked up to started using it, I tried it and it works. There are many techniques that I have seen over time, some use...
  2. Funny encounter with a COP Last Weekend

    I have 2 good friends on the state highway patrol, one just retired a few weeks back. They are both great guys with a lot of common sense and they are quick to help you if you need it. I hope to get together with them sometime soon and do the beach trip we all use to take.
  3. Differential Fluid change

    Old guy of 60 here, and I did my daughter's Jeep at 20K miles. I used Royal Purple 75-90 and used a little under 3 quarts. There is a guy on YouTube that did a good video on this. I took his advice and bought the heavy duty thread tape for the plugs. Tip - wrap the tape counter clockwise on the...
  4. 2019 Jeep Wrangler | Long-Term Wrap Up Review by KBB

    Funny they had transmission "problems" - most folks think it's great, i know i do.
  5. Plenty of time to Detail

    Blue Tit? Now that's funny! I had a common ol mockingbird that would poop down the side of my old Chevy Blazer, he got too cocky one day and the neighbor's cat got him.
  6. Looks Like Ford Bronco is Serious About Taking on the Wrangler

    The company I work for has said that if you want to work from home - please do. So, I'm the only one that comes in. It's like "home alone" or a Twilight Zone episode! Why don't I want to work at home? I have a wife that's retired and always needs just a little help on this or that, 7 small dogs...
  7. Looks Like Ford Bronco is Serious About Taking on the Wrangler

    I saw on the news that the NYC autoshow was postponed till August. Wasn't that the expected event for Ford ? Or did I pick the wrong week to quit drinking? (Thank you Lloyd Bridges)
  8. Is it just me or do the headlights suck?

    Ya'll should have come along when all there was were sealed beam highlights.
  9. Mudding Harmful to Jeep?

    The other night I awoke with the TV watching me and there was the little guy from Truck U doing this show about mud boggers in Florida. OK, I'm awake and watching and holy shit - I guess if you have a semi pro stock engine and a monster truck lift, you don't worry about mud, you just blast...
  10. Looks Like Ford Bronco is Serious About Taking on the Wrangler

    And..............back on task, how many more days till Ford releases the Bronco at a show?
  11. Looks Like Ford Bronco is Serious About Taking on the Wrangler

    I guess the Bronco will have the 10 speed automatic; anybody heard anything good or bad about it? Me? I'm very impressed with the Jeep's 8 speed and for that reason, i would not consider ever buying an old Jeep unless we're talking early 80's and it's a basket case and I somehow have a lot of...
  12. Trashed paint in 1 trip.

    I started to have flash-backs from my former life as a part time detailer. OMG - ya'll should have seen some the stuff I saw moderating a detail forum. What we call normal, some of those guys would be crying trashed beyond words! And spend hours buffing out the paint to perfection. Hey, that's...
  13. Anyone have 2 door regret?

    Count me as 1 Four Door Owner with no regrets nor cares what you buy.
  14. Fifth Gear says Wrangler sucks

    Fifth Gear is like the wannabe version of the old Top Gear with Clarkson, May and Hammond. Think of it as a group of ok but no real talent people that happen to have a tv show. I'd rather watch TFL on YouTube. And that says all you need to know...
  15. Would you let your 16 year old have a Jeep?

    Well, as the proud parent of two adult daughters now, let me share my thoughts. I get that back in the day stuff, hell I lived it - I got my license in 1975 and all the mega-buck muscle cars you see on the TV auctions were just used cars to us. I had a 1972 Z-28, my buddy had a 1969 Chevelle SS...
  16. The Jeep Gladiator is Struggling

    The dealer that I bought my daughter's JL from a year ago has a JT Sport S with lots of options, list $47,695 - discounted $5,583 for a total of $42,142. Did I mention it's a new 2020 in that nice blue color? Try as I might, I just can't get past the looks. It just looks funny to me and as a few...
  17. metallic maroon shade called Snazzberry

    Opinions vary to say the least, but, to me it looks better than "sarge" which to me reminds me of the plastic army men we played war with back in the 60's. You could get a big old bag full for 50 cents and we would drag big rocks in from outside to set up our battle site, my mom loved that. I...
  18. Jeep won't cover engine if i do my own oil changes.

    You know, call me crazy (wife does) but I'll change my own old and use the brand I like, the best filter I can buy and I know it's done right. I can understand if you can't for whatever reason, but IF I couldn't do my own, i have a mechanic or two that I trust and they would do it along with any...
  19. Don’t be this guy...

    Picture if you will, two guys that would be the redneck version of Cheech & Chong. Now, imagine them driving a 1967 Chevelle. Ok, and the drivers side rear wheel comes off and passes them going down the road. Hey man, was that your tire that just passed us? Yeah, I think it was... True story!