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  1. Looking for Boot for Soft Top

    On the new JLUs you can also drop the front guides for more of a streamlined look. I’ve never seen anyone on the road do that though. Every top-down JLU I’ve seen this summer has front rails still in the track. Any issues driving highway speed with them either in or out?
  2. Looking for Boot for Soft Top

    Anyone have the DiabolicInc soft top wrap?
  3. JL Interior tailgate design, why?

    Seems like they missed a great oppty to make an integrated molle panel or at least make the piece of plastic usable for something other than venting. But I suppose that'd add $4.50 or so to the price so the chose not to.
  4. JL Interior tailgate design, why?

    What’s the function of the louvered interior design on the tailgate? It looks but isn’t MOLLE, it’s sealed but doesn’t appear to be vented. Kid asked and didn’t know how to answer. Thanks.
  5. Soft top recommendation for 2018 Rubicon JLU

    I didn’t do the dual-top group and am now investigating a soft-top purchase. Looking for OEM premium (black with tinted windows) and unfortunately finding six different product numbers and almost zero detail on the differences. Can anyone shed light between these? 82215146 82215146AB 82215147...