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  1. Stop/Start Issue - Error Code P0507

    I didn’t receive any details. They said every 2.0 will receive the update at there next service that it has been issued as a service bulletin.
  2. Stop/Start Issue - Error Code P0507

    No I don’t have any release information about it I will see what I can get from my dealer Thursday.
  3. Stop/Start Issue - Error Code P0507

    Looks like the software fix has been released. I am scheduled to have it installed Thursday afternoon.
  4. 19 Rubicon 2.0 high idle when parked

    I have the same problem. Mine is a software bug. My details are here there is a star case open but has not been fixed yet.
  5. Antennas

    I have this one Looks great. The station i mainly listen to in St. Louis worked for about 90 miles from the station with a factory antenna. I lost about 15 or 20 miles when I changed to this one.
  6. Stop/Start Issue - Error Code P0507

    They have not released the update yet.
  7. Stop/Start Issue - Error Code P0507

    My issue is very easy to reproduce. if you have the same issue as me it will happen every time you are in park with the jeep at normal operating temps. Because of this the dealer has been able to connect to the jeep with his scanner and see it happen real time. Also mine posts a check engine...
  8. Stop/Start Issue - Error Code P0507

    So it has been identified that there is a software issue with the 2019 jeeps 2L that is causing my issue. At this time FCA believes mine is the only one experiancing the issue but we all have the same software. Proper identification is key to not wasting your time with a lot of useless parts...
  9. Stop/Start Issue - Error Code P0507

    I am back in the shop. Issue came back Sunday. However I didn’t have the cel only the stop/start error. They are looking at it now.
  10. 2019 Jeep JL Rubicon Start Stop Issues

    My issue was not a loss of power but a high RPM. You can read my story and fix here. PM me if you have any questions.
  11. Stop/Start Issue - Error Code P0507

    48hrs since the dealer replaced my PCM and all is good now. JR! good luck on yours if you have issues PM me and I can help get you in touch with my service guys and maybe he can share his information.
  12. Stop/Start Issue - Error Code P0507

    The dealer replaced the pcm today and things are looking better. Unfortunately with the sub zero temps we can’t get the stop/start to engage at all today. But the tech says the rpm’s are more what he expected. Hopefully tomorrow we can give it a better test with outside temps expected to be in...
  13. Stop/Start Issue - Error Code P0507

    The next setup for the dealer today is to replace the mass airflow sensor and then the throttle body. Jeep has also shipped out a new PCM that will be installed on Wednesday if the items today don't fix the issue.
  14. Stop/Start Issue - Error Code P0507

    It is normal for being in park at idle.
  15. Stop/Start Issue - Error Code P0507

    Apparently the Dealership had a regional jeep specialist look at it and they are still unable figure it out. They have now ordered several sensors and other random parts and are going to start swapping them out to see if they can get more information from the jeep. Apparently no one can find...
  16. Stop/Start Issue - Error Code P0507

    Well the issue Continues. The replacement of the pressure relief valve didn't fix the issue. No news yet on the next step from my dealer.
  17. Stop/Start Issue - Error Code P0507

    I have not had any other issues. Still waiting on the part to be delivered. Hopefully later today or tomorrow.
  18. Stop/Start Issue - Error Code P0507

    JR! for my issue I can reproduce it with the Start stop active or disabled. the thing I noticed is that it is very depended on the jeep being at full normal temp(185 -200). Anything less and it will not have the issue. As an update the star tech has recommended replacing a pressure relief...
  19. Stop/Start Issue - Error Code P0507

    Thanks Jennifer I have not heard back from the dealer today yet but If they don't make any progress I will PM you. Thanks for the note.
  20. Stop/Start Issue - Error Code P0507

    Took my Brand new 2019 JLRU 2L turbo (1100 miles) in to investigate a check Engine light that came on after the second time the Stop/Start unavailable service system message happened. The dealer pulled the code as P0507 claimed that since I drove the jeep in 5 inches of snow and below 32 degree...