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  1. Philadelphia-area/Delco Dealers

    Wow, thanks, you are right, and we do qualify. BTW we may know each other if SCD rings a bell....
  2. Philadelphia-area/Delco Dealers

    Thanks - we were going to call DEXSTA too actually :>
  3. Recommended Dealers List

    You should consider tracking add-on charge over actual DMV fees, it can be substantial.
  4. TTL - are you being overcharged for TTL?

    Annual, and that was in 2015 right when we moved to DE, and the cost of living there especially real estate taxes and utilities, were two of the bigger reasons. We were a little high for that area but not high enough to get any sort of abatement. There were other homes even higher!
  5. TTL - are you being overcharged for TTL?

    While off topic I used to live in a Philadelphia suburb. Nice house but def not a mansion. $12.6k real estate taxes. Omg that registration is nuts!
  6. Philadelphia-area/Delco Dealers

    But at used car rates, true?
  7. TTL - are you being overcharged for TTL?

    That's JUST registration, verified at DMV? How many years? 3 yrs for my son was about $225 in Delaware.
  8. TTL - are you being overcharged for TTL?

    No, this is separate from doc prep fee. I make them itemize everything. This is precisely - TTL, and they list title & license separate from tax. I agree there is no reason to overpay, but the excuse is “you are from out of state, we use a service”. Those of you who are getting multiple...
  9. TTL - are you being overcharged for TTL?

    In this round of quotes, I’m seeing a lot of range for TTL (well, take out tax, it’s title & license). Same vehicle, same price, same address to register it - prices range from $125-$450 or so. I think we have $125, $250 (both one-year registration) and $450 (no statement about how many...
  10. Sky One-Touch Power Top Production Update

    We had this on hubby’s 2009 Liberty and LOVED IT! It was called a Sky Slider then. We didn’t have leakage that I recall, but it was really noisy on the freeway. When we saw this is back on the Wrangler it was a done deal. We were going to buy out hubby’s Edge lease that’s almost up, but that...
  11. Build Your Own @ Jeep website- still not updated for 2019?

    Just talked to Jeep on chat. Rep said they weren’t going to put 2019 building online until the 2019’s show up on dealer lots, which she estimates 8-10 wks, so I put it around year end.
  12. Philadelphia-area/Delco Dealers

    We’re also Delco/Philly people. THANKS for your reviews! We’ve been talking to Courtesy (Kate), David’s and Videon. Here’s our rundown: Videon asked for build info but hasn’t quoted Courtesy very responsive and Kate did come up with an excellent price for this area, but not close enough to...
  13. Good Deal on lease?

    Your APR translates to 7.8%. Money factors are usually negotiable and frequently marked up by dealers. Go on and get MF base rate. Not been tracking lease MFs for ages, but that seems awfully high!
  14. Good Deal on lease?

    Before or after discounts? :>
  15. Good Deal on lease?

    Leasers - there are lots of lease calcs online, just google for one. You MUST do your own calcs. I was helping friend’s dad do a lease and found dealer was messing him over big time by doing calcs myself. Sketchy dealers will resist telling you money factor and residual. Insist on that info...
  16. Ordering 2019 JLUR - Price Help?

    I’m being asked for over $400 for docs tag and title which is almost double what Delaware dmv charges. Not sure why.
  17. Ordering 2019 JLUR - Price Help?

    No doc prep fee? That’s the $699 on the VA deal and $300 on MD. Never heard of a dealer that didn’t charge it. Lmk if there is really none.
  18. 2019 - engine is $2k extra?

    Well, I'm aware of the weld issue because I was researching a specific wrangler in my area and the vin decoder I used gave me a list of recalls for that car - so that was dead. I saw something about electrical issues but didn't focus on them, the weld thing was enough. the question really is...
  19. 2019 - engine is $2k extra?

    On a brand new build? that's a pretty scary indictment of Jeep's QC! Do you recommend this for all custom-ordered builds or only Jeep?
  20. 2019 - engine is $2k extra?

    Thanks, hubby emailed them last night. One board-recommended dealer is doing 4% with affiliate, that's a no-go; we're also talking to someone in VA with nice discount but $699 dealer prep. Criswell may be the best option from what I've read here - THANK YOU to all on this board!