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  1. Jeep Apologists

    Apparently we can add electrical bugs to the list.... I had my Jeep one week, and it has so many problems, they don’t even know how to fix it. The first date in the shop was December 19th. I give it a little while longer, and then I’m probably done with waiting.
  2. 2019 Jeep JL Rubicon Start Stop Issues

    Update: My Jeep is still in the shop, and they replaced the fuel pump, and three other parts and can not get anywhere on resolving the issue. It has now been over 30 days. Can anyone reply back who had been in this situation, what part was it in the end? They started with fuel pump, and that is...
  3. 5500 miles and needs new fuel pump.

    My fuel pump is out, they said it was on back order. How long did it take to get your fuel pump? They told me few weeks to few months.
  4. '19 JLUS 6spd P083F ESS error code - service start/stop

    I had the same issue but my 2019 Jeep is automatic. It was the fuel pump, or atleast that is what is being planned to be repaired. It has not happened yet. The service start stop I’m seeing this everywhere. There are also Jeep Cherokee that is having lots of start stop issues. Let us know what...
  5. 2019 Jeep JL Rubicon Start Stop Issues

    Update: The code that came up was for a fuel pump. The part is on back order. The dealership said it could be couple weeks to a couple months. Let’s hope this is the fix. I did have a Ford Escape that acted the same way, and it was also a fuel pump. I believe someone else here said they had a...
  6. JLU Rubicon Manual Limp Mode?

    So how has it ran since then? Any other issues?
  7. 2019 Jeep JL Rubicon Start Stop Issues

    That is all good info. I took it back to the dealer after Christmas and they have not gotten to it yet. But since posting originally the check engine light came on, and the vehicle gave me a service start stop system. But the dealer said despite the check engine light, and my photos I had, they...
  8. Stop start in battery protection mode

    Let me know what they say. I’m having issues with the start stop, and my Jeep wants to act like it’s going to die on me. I keep seeing the same issue posts.

    I’m having the same issue, except mine will actually not move or loose power between 0-20 mph and the RPM ramps up. It acts like I’m out of fuel, but I’m not. Today it finally gave me the same message. I feel that this is a safety issue, because had I tried to turn onto the feeder road and lost...

    I’m having the same issue, except mine is ac
  11. 2019 Jeep JL Rubicon Start Stop Issues

    I just got my 2019 Jeep JL Rubicon and I'm having issues with the start stop or the transmission. I will drive it and it looses power. Mostly when I'm stopped and I start to go. I even turned off the start stop feature. Today I floored it and the RPM went up, but the Jeep didn't move. At park it...