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  1. List of Chrysler MS-12991 Engine Oil for the 3.0 EcoDiesel Jeep Wrangler

    Just had first oil change done at dealership, they were going to put rottella in but due to you guys here I was loaded for bear, without a fuss they used Penn Utra full syn after I read the owners manual to them and showed them the list of approved oils found here! Thanks. Also I’m kinda slow...
  2. Moab Downfall

    I find it to be a little interesting that the local Jeep groups put up this billboard right at THIS rental area in town!
  3. Moab Downfall

    Yes Jeep’s are slower then dirt bikes and razor type vehicles, however you would lose you wager about me slowing up traffic. This is our 3 rd rubicon and being a diesel it is more capable than the others, I have never held up others on trails where passing is possible, it just ticks me off when...
  4. Moab Downfall

    I’ve been coming to Moab for 12 year now and stayed for a month every time so I think I have a well based opinion. Moab is going through a massive and destructive change. We used to be able to drive through a nice town with mostly respectful residents and vacationing jeep people. Now it is...
  5. Second long trip with the eco diesel and the third service shop stop

    Sorry to hear about the crap your going through, hope it is resolved soon. If your not familiar with Moab I’ll be here till the end of October and be happy to give you a guided tour of a few great trails most people don’t go on so there isn’t tons of traffic. We are running jlu 3.0 no lift, one...
  6. Alternative filler neck for large diesel nozzles?

    Drill out rivets, not rivers, sorry I got fat fingers besides being old!
  7. Alternative filler neck for large diesel nozzles?

    You’re going to need plastic rivets, and rivet gun, and plastic Christmas tree push in plugs. Drill out rivers and pull plugs . Pull off inner fender then pull of the hose at the end of the old tube and remove tube from the bottom. Install new tube from bottom . You will need wd-40 to lube the...
  8. Post Your 3.0 Pics

    Moab seven mile rim
  9. Wipe out hill, moab

    Here are some pictures
  10. Diesel Coolant Temp

    Ran several trails in Moab yesterday, 4 low and just crawled over most stuff, never went over 207, drove for hours!
  11. Wipe out hill, moab

    We did 7 mile rim in Moab yesterday with our stock JLD. Only thing different are the Nitto 305x70x17 at 20 pounds air. After the rocky climb up the hill at the beginning of the trail there are small shelf steps to go up about 6 to 10” high. The diesel walked up them at idle in m-1 ! And 4 low...
  12. Alternative filler neck for large diesel nozzles?

    Great job, great pictures, now I have another task, thanks
  13. Start of 3.0 Production

    I’ve got one on the way also, mine was ordered in wickenburg Az. What about yours?
  14. Start of 3.0 Production

    Just checked with my dealer Chrysler specialist and my rubicon diesel for my zip code and vin# does qualify for 0/36. It is in Kansas in route to Arizona. If you would like 0% check with your dealer or Chrysler specialist at the dealer! Good till 4/30/2020
  15. New engine teething issues?

    Right now they only cover TA and Loves but it is a lagit operation, I tow Jeeps behind our motor home and save tons on trips. Need to get a reducer for the fuel dispenser because you can only use the card at the truck lanes
  16. Start of 3.0 Production

    If you got the time go over to Jones auto , fine my sales jerk and show him what a diesel looks like! Just kidding . Glad you got yours and hope you have fun with it. We have reservations for a week in June and the month October at Moab if we get ours by then.