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  1. Worth waiting for 2019 MY?

    Almost 5000 on my Sahara JLU with zero problems. Superior to every vehicle I’ve ever owned - and that is a bunch.
  2. Is this what it's always going to feel like?

    My grand daughter reminded me yesterday. “It’s not a truck. It’s not a car. It’s a JEEP!”
  3. Sahara JLU Fuel Cap Door

    My Sahara came with the door. I had ordered one off of eBay and returned it.
  4. 500 Miles

    So, i’ve Had my new Sahara about a week now. 500 Miles on it. Not a glitch or problem of any sort. Did a slight windshield adjustment to minimize the slight wind noise. Unplugged the sensor to kill the annoying stop/ start. Couple comments: I came from 7 years in a GMC Sierra with an...