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  1. 4xE Order Status??

    Question to those that have ordered the Rubicon or the high altitude, is the snazberry not an option for either of those trims? I currently see it only available for the Sahara but I remember some posters early on saying that you can request it.
  2. Official: Jeep Wrangler 392 LAUNCH EDITION Starts at $73,500 Base Price. Build & Price Now Up

    As someone that is very new to the Jeep brand, I have to ask out of sheer curiosity what is the fascination with the 392 that people are willing to dish out that kind of dough?
  3. Anyone here have any experience ordering from Orange Coast Chrysler?

    That's what I was afraid of. Thank you. I have thought about going to Jim Marsh but I figured these guys would be closer to deal with.
  4. Anyone here have any experience ordering from Orange Coast Chrysler?

    Sorry if this is in the wrong place. I know there is a very large thread about recommended dealerships but that thing is a 180 pages deep! I am hoping someone knows a person I could reach out to directly at Orange Coast Chrysler dealership in Costa Mesa. Twice I have had someone contact me and...
  5. Recommended Dealers List

    I know there are dealers in SoCal, lol. I haven't found any giving discounts like dealers across the country. These guys are charging above MSRP with BS markups and dealer add-ons.
  6. One year

    No kidding! I once went on a 4000 mile road trip up to Seattle and I thought that was a lot! Of course, the car was a loaner while mine was getting worked on at the shop, but that 4000 felt like 40k, lol. It was so long!!
  7. How much Off MSRP???

    Yeah, I have found some great deals out of state, and I am OK with paying the delivery fee because in the end I still save a lot compared to what dealers here charge. The only problem is that I won't be able to see the Jeeps in person or test drive them. It's basically blind negotiation. I would...
  8. How much Off MSRP???

    I will take a look at those. Thank you.
  9. How much Off MSRP???

    Tell me about it, man! I went to Bob Baker yesterday. Their website has a Bob Baker discount of $1495. I figured if they are willing to give that kind of discount, I can do a little more negotiation on the price. I go there and the sales rep tells me something about not wanting to charge the...
  10. Wrangler 4XE Pricing

    In either of those scenarios, how will the qualification for the $7500 pay out?
  11. Wrangler 4XE Pricing

    About the tax credit specifically or the 4xe pricing? Because while I found the latter, there seems to be a lot of misinformation in there as well about the former.
  12. Wrangler 4XE Pricing

    My understanding is that the $7500 credit only applies to you if you own taxes at the end of the year you purchased the car. And if, let's say you only owe $1000 that year, that's all the tax credit you are getting. There isn't going to be a $6500 refund check on top of that.
  13. One year

    37K miles in a year? How is that even possible?!
  14. How much Off MSRP???

    Does anyone here know of any dealers in SoCal area that are willing to give such large discounts? I called Perry CDJR in National City and the sales rep said we are not touching the purchase price. I was hoping to get it at the invoice price, at least, but I didn't care to haggle once he said we...
  15. Recommended Dealers List

    Hi everyone, new member here and about to become a first time buyer, but I am wondering if anyone here knows anything about Old Saybrook CDJR dealership in Connecticut? They seem to have some great deals and have the exact model and configuration I have been looking for, but I live across the...