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  1. Rear Gate Sticks When Opening

    Thanks! What did you end up putting on it? White grease?
  2. Rear Gate Sticks When Opening

    My rear gate always worked perfect until now. Now it sticks when you try to open it.
  3. 2019 Coming cars

    That Jimny might sell in the states in the price was Dirt cheap! Do we even have Suzuki cars here?
  4. 2019 Coming cars

    It's like Jeep and Lexus has a baby.
  5. Get Ready For This: JD Powers Initial Quality Survey Ranks Jeep Equal to Toyota

    I was like wow! Then I noticed Porsche at number 4. This report is meaningless.
  6. Permanently disable engine auto start stop (ESS) at stoplights?

    Does this actually work? If so I'm ordering one today.
  7. Bantam Jeep Fest

    I'm not sure, maybe somebody else will chime in.
  8. Bantam Jeep Fest

    Couple pics from Jeep fest
  9. Wonderful downhill shifting behavior with 8 speed auto

    I love this feature. My brakes should last forever!!!
  10. Bantam Jeep Fest

    Who is going to Bantam Jeep fest this weekend in Butler pa?
  11. What were some of your previous toys?

    I called it the finger of God.
  12. FYI - JLU Rubicon Major Issues / Total Failure / Safety Concern

    Three weeks and no solution is really concerning. Sorry to hear about this, hopefully they will get it figured out.
  13. Factory tool kit fail.

    Of course I was working in the grass and all the pieces disappeared.
  14. Rear soft top window question

    When you folks lower the top all the way do you remove the rear window? I want to just roll it up and leave it attached. I find it’s too long to store easily in the cargo area. Thx!
  15. Test Drive Problems

    I'd pass because of the error code. Find another Sahara.
  16. Strong chemical smell with A/C

    Nope. Mine has zero odors.
  17. How is the Horn?

    I don't know about all that, but it will scare the crap out of a 12 year old when he walks in from of you!
  18. How is the Horn?

    It's good and loud!