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  1. Issue Bulletin: Frame Weld Inspection/Repair (Rust, Pinholes, Alignment)

    I expect some issues with first model year. I expect FCA to take care of these, and work out production issues. My only real concern has been incompetent dealers (out of 4 dealers in my area, I will only use one - and that is only because of ONE competent tech at that dealer). But saying crappy...
  2. Rear seat covers for under child seats

    We've always used something like this. We haven't used that brand, but every other one we've tried have worked great. Actually, because I'm paranoid, I had the Bartact seat covers, and a disposable changing pad (for "leaks") under the car seat protector.
  3. Hello From JeepCares

    How does that relate to what he typed at all? Are you just replying to messages without reading them now?
  4. Who is dumping their JL.

    I've put off my purchase - I was ready to order in July but held off. Partially because of weld and steering issues, and partly because of dealers' poor responses. I'll wait a year or two, unless I find something I like better in the meantime.
  5. Steering clicks and sticks when turning left

    Could be a ball joint. Some people have found theirs loose. Dealer should v able to take care of it easily. Here's a thread on this.
  6. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    We put the sill plates on two JKs because of scratches caused by getting in and out. Thing is the scratches would occur on the metal lip, exactly where these new protectors don't cover. I'm probably going to skip these on the JL and find another solution.
  7. JL / JLU factory sport bar covers

    Damn. Missed the "vinyl" part. I was too excited to see the covers. Maybe I'll wait for reviews.
  8. If I currently only have a soft top and want to purchase a hard top...

    On the JK, you needed a wiring harness, a washer fluid hose extension, a replacement steering column stick that included the rear wiper/washer control, and a dealer flash for the computer (otherwise the washer arm would not return to the "home" position when used). I can't imagine it will be...
  9. TRMS Tiedowns...

    Did you check the glove box? I was one person found their tie downs there.
  10. Can anyone identify this loose bolt I found? ($ reward)

    I stripped the threads in one. I've been able to find similar, but the thread pitch is wrong. Lowes, Home Depot, auto stores, even the local Fastenal. Everything I find is M6 x 1mm, and the OEM bolt is at least 1.25 or 1.5. I could make the other work, but want to try to find the correct one...
  11. Can anyone identify this loose bolt I found? ($ reward)

    Off topic, but do you have any info on the top bracket screw? Just this morning found myself in need of one.
  12. 2018 Rubicon Recon -Just won't start

    Which dealer are you working with? You can PM me if you don't want to say publicly. I'm in the area, and there are great and horrible dealers around here. Don't want you to get caught in the repair cycles we got caught in.
  13. TRMS (Trail Rail Management System) finally arrived!

    From what I've seen, the tailgate system will connect to the TRMS tailgate bar. So it seems that the tie downs on that bar can't be used for anything else if you have the table installed. As for the mats, the rear cargo mat seems like it would be used instead of the mat that comes with the TRMS...
  14. Jailbreak + Carbridge released. Waze + apps on uconnect

    iOS12 will allow Waze and other apps in Carplay. Here's an article on it.
  15. How was your jeep cares experience

    For me it was last year with 2 JKs. I had a months long case with a dealer refusing a repair, and the repair done wrong. It lasted so long because of waiting on parts, and the body shop (owned by the dealer) was incompetent. Jeep Rep was amazing and constantly kept things moving. I loved...
  16. Jeep wave gone bad

    I wave at every Wrangler, and some XJs. I get a wave back about 50% of the time. I don't care, though. I'm waving at the Jeep, not the driver.
  17. TRMS (Trail Rail Management System) finally arrived!

    Actually, other picture show that the attachment points on the old design rotate 45 degrees, so the D rings would be oriented normally. The only thing I don't like about the old design is the attachment points look bulkier. But the seem solid, and the rail for them was supposed to store in the...
  18. Red/Gray Dash Panel Removal.

    Great write up, though I'm not too comfortable removing the air bag. Completely of topic: What floor mats are those? They look like the JK mats (which I vastly prefer to the JL mats).
  19. TRMS (Trail Rail Management System) finally arrived!

    On the build site, they still have the original system pictured. I wonder what the differences are? The old one seems a bit less cheap looking to me.