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  1. CarPlay not working

    This is so annoying. My USB cable used to work, now it doesn’t. Only when you use a lightning cable will Car Play launch. Software was changed on the iPhone or on the Jeep/Chrysler end. Nothing to do with the hardware cables.
  2. Insight needed from Rubicon owners

    Yes you can do it - at full articulation the tires will rub. If mall crawling no problem. There are lots of posts and photos about it here.
  3. Insight needed from Rubicon owners

    What's worse the bridge or the white pants??? LOL
  4. Insight needed from Rubicon owners

    Yep looks great. Consider the Factor 55 link. Also, I swapped out my factory fogs for Baja Designs Squadron Pros. Wired them to the same switch. Bright as sheet!!! Can’t use them on the street.
  5. Insight needed from Rubicon owners

    Congrats on the new JL. Color looks really cool, have no seen one in the wild yet. My JL is a daily driver also and I wheeled with it for over a year bone stock. The only thing I don’t like about the new JL is the rear bumper and the fuel capacity. My rear was getting caught on exit and I’ve...
  6. Insight needed from Rubicon owners

    True about the desert. Be prepared if you go out alone. I carry SPOT, winch and lots of extra water and never worry going out alone.
  7. 35 inch tires on stock wheels

    This looks great.
  8. Steering Service Bulletin Denied - Advice Please

    My service advisor gave me the same spin initially. They kept the vehicle 3 days then told me nothing was wrong even after I handed them a hard copy of the TSB. I asked for the GM and Service Manager then miraculously problem solved. It takes a while to get the steering gear - Long Beach, CA...
  9. Fridge Recommendation Poll Included

    The wire gauge is much thinner than the ARB or specialty harness running direct to battery.
  10. Loose steering feels like it has play and drifts

    Can someone post a photo of what the steering box looks like and where it’s located? The TSB work is being done at the dealer now and I want to confirm I have the correct replacement. Thanks in advance.
  11. Loose steering feels like it has play and drifts

    Finally!!! Thanks for the update.
  12. Is it hard to keep your interior cool?

    I have a JK in Florida and JL in California which I take into Death Valley. Never had any issues with A/C. Plenty cool.
  13. Are Yeti coolers worth the $$?

    I forgot about second amendment stunt - another good reason to never buy one. Vote with your feet.
  14. Are Yeti coolers worth the $$?

    Agree 100%. Yeti used to be the standard. Now all the the competition has similar offerings for less money.
  15. Fridge Recommendation Poll Included

    Correct. Not a big deal.
  16. Insight needed from Rubicon owners

    I go bone stock for the most part. Don’t know if I’d want to take on Rubicon trail without a lift tho. I’ve never even remotely been close to being stuck anywhere. It’s my daily driver so wanted to keep stock tires and no lift to get into parking garages. Upgrades -Baja Designs LED fog lamps...
  17. Insight needed from Rubicon owners

    Agree on rear bumper. Front is exceptional.