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  1. Yellowing grille on Bright White? Fix?

    The JL, fully loaded, is a 60K proposition so a little yellowing is a lot unacceptable. Would you allow your dentist to whiten all but your front two teeth on top and bottom?
  2. Bright White grille turning yellow

    Not sure. It's at the dealership now and the paperwork is in the glove box. It's been to the dealership three times in two days. Unfortunately, while trying to repair it, they damaged the front bumper and right front fender and are telling us that it could be up to four weeks before they can...
  3. Bright White grille turning yellow

    EXACT same problem. Brand new, 2018 Jeep JL with 230 miles on it. We have not even filled up with gas since taking ownership. Front driver's side around the headlight (grill and fender) started yellowing. Dealer's recommendation was to repaint. I won't allow that. I bought a new car and...