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  1. JLUR-D Maintenance

    Oh man so sorry didn't realize you were the Jeep diesel forum police. What a dickhead. Did i suggest taking anything off anyone else's vehicle? 5 years and 115k miles and zero issues on the Ford good luck with that luck on the Jeep buddy. What an idiot.
  2. 2nd time out, 2021 diesel more issues , Round two!

    Got the numbers right from this forum. I think you just need to settle down. Point is that a handful of people freaking out and saying they're never buying a Jeep again based on a couple of people's experience here is ridiculous. Quote below from the build process thread. The Wrangler plant is...
  3. JLUR-D Maintenance

    It would be nice if you could force a regen before a wheeling trip for example. Not sure how these behave during a regen but you could smell the hot metal when it was done with a regen in my F250 before I took all that crap off. Even said don't park near flammable stuff like grass in the manual...
  4. 4dr Mopar 2" lift springs on 2dr Sport? And what shocks?

    LOL holy crap what a lunatic! CL is a shady place for sure I'm always nervous selling or buying there.
  5. 4dr Mopar 2" lift springs on 2dr Sport? And what shocks?

    Rear DS correct? I think all the front ones would be same length on 2dr and 4dr with same concern on those when drooped out and those CV joints they use.
  6. 4dr Mopar 2" lift springs on 2dr Sport? And what shocks?

    I'd probably still steer you towards the Dynatrac because after you buy the rest of what you need I think you'll be in it for more money. Being a true 2" it seems that you really don't need the track bars or control arms keeping the cost down. Can still run 35" on all and 37" on Rubis.
  7. 2nd time out, 2021 diesel more issues , Round two!

    ZERO on the side of the road is what I said. A real number just based on my experience you're pulling numbers out of the air. Point is neither of us know but but I'd put money my theory is correct and Jeep has some serious quality and everyone should be scared who owns one is not.
  8. 4dr Mopar 2" lift springs on 2dr Sport? And what shocks?

    What's a good deal? I'd try it if it were free maybe and you're installing yourself probably a reason it's for sale or discounted. If you do some research there is a decent amount of chatter with issues with these lifts. My opinion based on what I'm reading is it's basically too tall for the...
  9. 2nd time out, 2021 diesel more issues , Round two!

    Just playing devil's advocate here but Jeep kicks a reported 500-800 wranglers out the door of the OH factory every day 6 days a week. Seems believable I live in Houston one of the largest cities in US and see a ton of JLs on the road on my 1 hour commute each way. Not once have I seen one on...
  10. New 2021 Horrible Experience. Does FCA Even Care?

    Those are gross and although better chance than the X5 to make it they have no flex he'd roll that thing too. We did that trail last year I'd be nervous to do it in anything with IFS or sway bars still connected. Having a shoes on the ground is kind of important.
  11. Steinjager 3.5 Lift Review

    Agree nice job following through I don't think many people do this and admit first impressions were different than ending impressions.
  12. New 2021 Horrible Experience. Does FCA Even Care?

    You should have him follow you down Black Bear in the X5 see what he thinks then ;)
  13. JLUR-D Maintenance

    if you ever get to the full time off roader scenario definitely DPF, EGR delete and let that sucker breathe.
  14. good budget shock options

    I wouldn't skimp on shocks they are the maybe the most important part that contributes to good ride quality. Get a shock extender bracket thingy and keep the stock ones to save cash before going cheap shocks. Just my two cents.
  15. Have you ever...

    LOL! Man there are some ugly ass Jeeps out there for sure. At this point I think there are more ugly or just boring copy cats out there then nice looking built rigs but I'm super picky too.
  16. What if the sway bar module breaks?

    May also consider getting a stock one from a sport or sahara and add some quick disconnects or if it's in the budget an anti rock and just upgrade the whole thing.
  17. Flat Tow Mode?

    I think the restart is just to confirm t case is actually in N. Same sequence for flat tow since I can remember.
  18. Whats coming in 2022?

    I'd vote Brownsville. It's appropriate not only because it is dirty but the name is perfect.
  19. Whats coming in 2022?

    Same sir. I get to Red River NM a couple times a year pretty good trails up there. I've been to two Palo Duro Jeep Jamborees those are super fun and got to do a boys trip up to Ouray CO last year. Black Bear pass, Engineer pass, Imogene, etc etc for a week straight that was epic and can't wait...
  20. Whats coming in 2022?

    I was joking...mostly lol...but honestly I'd deal with the liberal stuff and cost of living for a while to take advantage of what CA has to offer with regards to that and just all the cool places you can go wheeling and riding. TX has basically zero public land so it's off road parks or a long...