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  1. Had my steering damper replaced today.

    Just went out and checked mine and it is correct.
  2. Had my steering damper replaced today.

    Just had mine done today. Better go out and check it.
  3. Who “Carries” While In Their Jeep?

    You will never know. Some things are best left unsaid.
  4. 2018 Rubicon with every option, worth the same as a Sport...

    I got way more then that when I traded my 2015 JKUR Hard Rock with no add on’s when I traded it for my 2018 JLUR back in December.
  5. Gladiator towing big travel trailer jackknifed in a ditch

    it was bound to happen with. 7400 pound tow rating. Was suppose to be a picture of a new Gladiator towing a big travel trailer and it is jackknifed in a ditch. Can’t get the picture to post.
  6. Gladiator

    my local dealer got in their first Gladiator and I stopped and looked at it. It looks nice but this was basic Sport with small wheels and street tires. Not a lot of options but the sticker was 45K.
  7. Top swap

    swapped out the hard top for the soft top on my Rubi today. Taking the hard top off was a piece of cake with the scaffold. Putting the soft top on for the first time was a real pain in the rear. Not sure I like the way the windows go on, I think I prefer the zippers that my 2000 Shara had. Maybe...
  8. Anyone considering trading their JL for a JT Gladiator?

    I thought about it but it’s the wife’s Jeep and she said no way. Might trade my Ram pickup for one though. Lol
  9. Fatal accident involving a Jeep JK

    I had no motive or agenda for posting this. It was strictly for information only. Sad that anyone dies when some jackass is going the wrong way on the highway.
  10. Fatal accident involving a Jeep JK

    My wife was hit head on right in front of our house two years ago. She was in my Dodge Ram when a kid that was texting crossed the center line and hit her head on. She was only doing about 15 mph and the kid was doing about 70. I think god she took my truck that instead of her 2015 Rubicon Hard...
  11. Fatal accident involving a Jeep JK

    Country singer Travis Tritts tour bus was involved in a multi vehicle crash. A driver going the wrong way hit another vehicle head on. The tour bus received minor damage after swerving to avoid the accident. Two people were killed in the other vehicles, one of the vehicles was a Jeep Wrangler...
  12. Door Hinge chips

    I had one on my drivers side rear door and it was from me releasing my drivers seat belt with the door open and just letting go of the seat belt. The belt metal piece flew out with enough force to strike the hinge. I now hold onto the belt when I release it. Bought the factory touch up paint and...
  13. Rubicon jl without soft top

    That’s odd, back in 2000 my wife bought a new 2 door Shara with the dual top option. Must have changed it somewhere along the way.
  14. Rubicon jl without soft top

    Only if you order the dual top group.
  15. Scaffold for Hardtop storage and removal works great

    Great idea. I just bought the same thing today at Menards for 168. I can also use it for other projects when the top is not stored on it. With the big casters it makes it easy to move the top around if I need too.
  16. Dealer damaged wiring on new JLUR

    That’s a shame. My dealer just repaired some wiring on my Rubicon that may have been damaged when I installed my RV tow harness. It was in the harness that goes through the fire wall. They did an excellent job. A good dealer makes a big difference. Press the issue until I is done right.
  17. Center dash switches

    Update: Jeep is all fixed now. Found some broken wires in the bundle that goes through the firewall. Could not determine if it was cause by installing the RV tow harness or not. Shout out to my dealer Dave Dennis in Dayton, Ohio for doing an outstanding job in tracking down and fixing this...
  18. What is this (Came with my Jeep)

    Have someone hold it while you turn your Jeep 180 degrees.
  19. Center dash switches

    Checked the fuses and all are good. Have an appointment to take it to the dealer on Monday. In the MOPAR instructions it says to push a wire through the rubber grommet so you can pull the tow harness through the grommet. This same grommet is where the wringing harness for everything in the cab...
  20. Center dash switches

    Thanks, I will check it.