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  1. Fiat Chrysler Fired A Warning Shot To Its Workers Over Coronavirus Work Stoppages

    I work in the defense industry, we have worked every single day of COVID, and not from home either. Put your big boy pants on, get to work, wear a mask, and socially distance when possible, thats our company policy. Im not angry about it, either you want your job or you don't, if you don't well...
  2. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Looks better anyway, IMO.
  3. Hothead Headliners 4th of July SALE!

    Ordered, thanks!
  4. Quick Poll III - Why are you not taking off your doors?

    This little tyrant demands A/C in between pissing all over the desert.
  5. Clunk When Steering (MC GC 2.5) Lifted Jeep

    I chased a front clunk for a week before I discovered it was a loose rear upper control arm bolt. You gotta have someone listen to it from outside.
  6. Check out this baby... I don't have the words.

    I don't know, that street sweeper attachment on the front might make you some money on the side, to buy more white paint.
  7. Why Not A Rubicon?

    Because I refuse to be told what I have to buy with my money.
  8. Why Not A Rubicon?

    It's actually a plug and play swap, but you need a Tazer or Flashcal to tell the computer your new TC ratio. Just make sure the TC you get matches the transmission you have, there is a difference between the Auto and Manual.
  9. Anyone Running Pizza Cutters?

    Want more?
  10. Rock Krawler 2.5?

    I just used a massive crescent wrench to pry the mount open a hair, torquing the bolt correctly pulls it back like it never happened.
  11. Interior lighting question

    I have one in my 2019, not that you'd ever see it, but its there.
  12. That looks expensive

    I don't know, thats a 300k + boat...
  13. JLU Original Window Sticker

    Yup, you have the 44 then.
  14. Superchips flashcal programmer question

    I know that supposedly the transmission "learns" as you drive, not sure if the computer uses tire size for just speedo or both. I would do a battery disconnect for at least 5 minutes after you put 35s on it to reset the computer, that way it re-learns with the new tire size. Then after driving...
  15. JLU Original Window Sticker

    Not so quick. My window sticker says 3rd generation Dana 44 HD rear axle, but I actually have the M200. The Dana 44 (M220) is "standard equipment", if you add an automatic transmission you now get the M200, unless you get the tow package then you are once again back up to the M220.
  16. Rust spot on new JLUR

    Dude, if you don't say JLUR they will kick you from the leet club. I'd let the dealership take care of it, if you attempt something yourself and it gets worse they could deny coverage (if they know you tried something).