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  1. Keyfob now 30% smaller!

    Actually, not that much. It's thin plastic that also provides a clear cover for the buttons as well. I don't think you can notice the difference, except that the key doesn't keep popping out😏
  2. Keyfob now 30% smaller!

    For those of you that want to keep their original fob, but are sick of the key opening in their pocket because the design of the release button, here's an alternative. It works great. The button is now a bit recessed and you have to work to press it. The key still works if needed. It hasn't...
  3. The Sunrider for Hardtop for the All New Jeep® Wrangler JL is here!

    What is it about the shade that interferes with the top? I have a full length spiderwebshade and I would really like to get the Sunrider. I supposed I can buy the short one just for the cab to keep on when I'm using the hard top.
  4. Texas Diabolical Slipstream Jeep Security Enclosure - JLU

    Sorry, disregard. I just noticed that this is the no sub-woofer version. It won't work for me. Good luck.
  5. Texas Diabolical Slipstream Jeep Security Enclosure - JLU

    Is this still available? I'm in Garland. I can pick it up, no shipping.
  6. Anyone ordered a Jeep Wrangler in the last two months from the factory? How long did it take before you got your jeep?

    I'm in Dallas, TX. I custom ordered a Rubicon JLU on 3/26 and took delivery on 4/22. It seems to have all its parts🤔 So there's always hope.
  7. Backing Into Parking Spots: The Debate

    I have the safety package, so pulling in and backing out is the safest for me. The crosstraffic alert works great and covers me from blind spots due to large vehicles next to me. If I back in, I usually still have the blocked view with no way to see until my front end is far enough to get...
  8. We're far from done with production hell

    I must have just beat the deadline. Custom ordered a Rubicon JLU on 3/26 and took delivery on 4/22. It seems to have all its parts😉 I heard it wasn't so much a supply shortage as the fact there are no truck drivers to deliver the freight. Port of LA is backed up with lots of ships waiting to...
  9. Finding bumpers, more difficult than I thought

    Is the a Jeep model Trail Cam you have on your front grill? Does the bull bar block your forward view from the cam? I like the bumper.