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  1. How can the JL windshield attract so many bugs?

    rain x spray and washer fluid.
  2. New JL is causing right shoulder back pain help!

    It's probably the same pain i's using a mouse on my pc.
  3. 2021 Seat Torture

    I was alot younger but on the job we would hold our seats in position with old transfer books folded up. 🗽 think a 2021 Jeep seat is an upgrade for me. 🙂 Dead pedal helps keep you from slouching. It was my 2nd mod I put in.
  4. Auto High beams is great in deer country.....

    Driving back from the Monmouth County Fair the other evening and the roads back home were all dark except for the few passing cars.....
  5. No one will admit it, but here goes.....

    I'll admit I fill up when I'm near empty and pull to the nearest station and pay MSRP for gas. No searching for deals for
  6. Car & Driver track tests 3.6L Wrangler vs. 2.7L and 2.3L Broncos

    People that expect speed from ANY Jeep or truck should be made to use a fork with soup. The 392 makes me scratch my head.....
  7. Jeep fail

    One thing i enjoy about grey metallic is the interior dark panels match the paint that flows thru the interior. My Jeep is pretty consistent with color Grey Metallic,black rims,caramel stitching....
  8. Any gas cards worth getting?

    Or any reward cards I should be aware of? Thanks
  9. Asking dealers to not apply dealership stickers / badges?

    I had that huge tire cover on my spare (which I'm sure isnt cheap) an told the dealer thats the first thing off when I get home....he said please do....😀 Though I might put it on in the winter.......

    Which cube lights are those? And did you install yourself or took it to a shop?
  11. 2018 Turbo + eTorque vs. 2021 Turbo
  12. Wanted the tow package on new rubi but was forced to get keyless entry

    When spending this kind of cash it's kind of ridiculous to chop off any options IMHO, and keys are/will go the way of the Dodo so just get on the train now.......
  13. Leather seat issue - anyone else?

    I recently used Meguiars leather wipes that are pretty dry and after using them on my new seats my ass slides off much easier from the seat. No shine at all.
  14. Leather seat issue - anyone else?

    Does it have something to do with an all leather product on 100%? leather seats?
  15. Jeeps parked next to....

    So interesting 🙂.....what do your "mates" think of your Ohio built Jeep? 😀
  16. Dealership waited 2 1/2 week to place my order

    I agree ...but we all know salesmen and dealerships can be/are shady. I hope with my recent purchase I'm forever out of the game of auto purchasing... 😀