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  1. Jeep fail

    Cool looking Jeep. My thinking is that these 392s’ will be collectible some day.
  2. Dealer license plate frames

    Only state that I got a fix it ticket was when I lived in Texas. Grew up in CA, and never a ticket yet for no front plate. Never even put on a front plate when I was 17, on my 1992 Toyota 4x4 pickup.
  3. Dealer license plate frames

    The dealer plate went into the trash as well. Just put on a black frame that says Jeep.
  4. Peasant???

    No more European cars for me..horrible resale and ridiculously high maintenance costs. Dumbest decisions that I made were getting a Porsche and Audi. Very happy with my ”peasant“ Jeep and Chevy.
  5. Ceramic Coating on a new Jeep 4xe

    When I lived in Texas, always had ceramic window tint. Made a huge difference in keeping the interior cooler.
  6. If You're Getting Owned at The Dealership, You're Not Alone

    I experienced the same when I bought my 2021 Suburban Z71. The dealer was asking 10k above invoice. However if your trade is in demand, you will get a much higher trade value. I was able to get 60k trade for me my 2020 GMC Sierra, and I paid 62k. Had lots of highway miles. In the end, I paid 2k...
  7. Just got home from Bronco event...

    It would be interesting for Chevy or GMC to be in the competition too. A smaller Tahoe or Jimmy with the half convertible top or full convertible would be nice. I still prefer the Wrangler over the new Bronco.
  8. JL Sport owners - How did you mount your front License Plate?

    Mine is in my garage, if I get a fixit ticket will mount it. Have never mounted a front plate since college and never got a fix it ticket in northern CA. Got a fix it ticket within a few months of living in Texas, they are more sticklers to front plates.
  9. New “Specialty” Jeeps

    Having a v8 Wrangler would be absolutely amazing. I would have considered it, but this is my second vehicle, and my truck ran me north of 60k. The 2.0 is perfect for my needs. I agree, the 4xe is a work in progress. My mom has a Mercedes plug-in plus gas, and it only runs 28 miles on battery...
  10. Decisions, decisions....Rubicon or Sahara

    I went from a Sport (non S) to a Rubicon. I spent an hour going back and fourth between my JLUR and a white Sahara with the Sky One Touch. Same price. Did not care for the wheels and tires or the front grill on the Sahara. The top would have been amazing, but felt that I would have regretted...
  11. Must haves for JL rubicon?

    I would agree with the upgraded 8.4” radio. Really enjoying it. I am also glad that I got the painted hard top and leather seats. Easy to clean. Heated seats, and painted fenders would have been nice. But wanted to stick within a certain budget. Bought the oem rubber floor mats and weathertech...
  12. Should I remove my rear tire?

    I have used the spare on my TJ, and 2 past pickups. Glad that I had it when I did. I would not feel safe or comfortable driving around with no spare. If I need more space or utility would consider a rear cargo basket above the rear tire.
  13. Anyone regret choosing black paint?

    I have owned 2 black cars. An Audi A4 and a Infiniti G37 coupe. Looked great when washed, but within a day or two dirty again. Every little scratch or swirl showed. My Porsche was silver, my Rubicon is white, and Sierra is blue. Easier to keep clean. I have always been a fan of white.
  14. Can’t decide - 4xe, V6 or V4

    Very happy with the 2.0. Gas mileage is amazing. Came from a 2019 v6 which I really liked. The v6 did have a better sound to it though. I feel that I get better fuel economy with the 2.0, and both feel peppy. No complaints with either.
  15. Two options for my Jeep replacement.

    If I did not have my truck, then I would have gone with the Gladiator. I like having the additional storage. Every year always loading my dogs, supplies and toys (mountain bikes, 2 person outboard boat) up to my cabin or my aunt‘s cabin and need the extra space. Why not the 4 door JL? Really...
  16. I finally understand why people hate mall crawlers

    My JLUR is stock and love it. On my third Jeep. I have done the Rubicon trail in YJ. Ran a quad through Costa Rica and outside Denali Park. (On designated trails with a group) As well as off roaded my old Tacoma. Not to mention drove on sand dunes in Pismo Beach. I am not into mudding or rock...
  17. What would you do to your Jeep with $5k?

    Mopar soft top, and steel bumpers. Or Mopar half doors would be amazing. Favorite way to drive my old soft top Jeep was with half doors and rear window rolled up. Safari configuration and half doors would be used the most in my JLUR.
  18. 2 door vs. 4 door sales

    I love my JLUR. It has so much more rear cargo space. Great for going up to my cabin and will be taking it to my aunt’s cabin in Tahoe this summer. Have owned (2) 2 doors. A lot of fun, but lacks extra storage for my needs. The 2 door Wrangler do offer a different driving experience.
  19. Rubicon Diesel Test Drive (3rd time)

    I was considering the diesel. Have heard of increased maintenance costs, still seems really cool. Drove the 3.6 for a few years and really liked it. Pleasantly surprised with the 2.0 Turbo. Very peppy. My TJ was a 2.5L, which was decent with the stick.
  20. What will be the new 2022 “options” included to get us to upgrade

    I would like to see a wireless phone charging pad, all around cameras, and HUD. I love the heads up display on my Sierra. I have always need a fan of power down rear windows, not sure how that would feasible. But sure loved it in my old 4Runner.