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  1. Level 2 Charger - Click on/off at full charge

    @Chris Hall Chris, did you every figure out what was causing yours to exhibit this on/off behavior? You seem to get the root cause of a lot of the behavior we see in these 4xes.
  2. Level 2 Charger - Click on/off at full charge

    Yea, that's what it seems; though that's not how these cars are supposed to work. This is my 3rd EV; the other ones would just lower the amperage as they near 100% to the point that it's just a trickle charge at the end; but it shouldn't be turning the whole charge process on/off; it will wear...
  3. Level 2 Charger - Click on/off at full charge

    Often times when my 4xe reaches full charge it will click the charging process on and off every few seconds. This can go on for 30 minutes, and then it will eventually stop charging with 100% charge. This is on a clipper creek level 2 charger (same one Jeep co-brands). I know Chris Hall posted a...
  4. Automatic charge port door

    Except that gas I fill up a couple of times per month, the charger I'm plugging/unplugging daily, so easy of use is more critical.
  5. Automatic charge port door

    Ok, so having gone from a Tesla to the 4xe, i'm really missing the automatic closing charge port door. On the tesla, you just pull out the charger, and the charge port automatically closes. On the 4xe, you pull out the charger, insert the little rubber gasket, then close the door. Doesn't seem...
  6. Started drive yesterday with 30 mile e range?

    Rubicon here, gauge showed 26 this morning. Got 27 before engine turned on. All backroads, speeds 30-45 mph. temp 60.
  7. Tachometer lag/issues?

    Was thinking the same. I've been trying to see if this happens with higher throttle inputs where engine spinup might be required, but I haven't found any correlation. Weird stuff.
  8. Tachometer lag/issues?

    Yes. In EV mode I will sometimes notice the tach go from 0 to 2000 to 0 for a split second while the gear shift occurs. Doesn’t happen all the time, I’d say only 5% of the shifts will cause this. Can’t figure out why.
  9. Mobile app for 4xe?

    For what it's worth, after 3 weeks of struggling with SXM, level 2 tech support, multiple tickets and my dealer, I finally have vehicle diagnostics and family alerts working. I *think* what fixed it was signing up for ATT WiFI hotspot. (It's either that or a magical coincidence). So for those...
  10. Mobile app for 4xe?

    I’m three weeks in, still no data populating. The remote features work and I can get the vehicle location to update, so connectivity seems to work, but something about the vehicle info page is messed up. Family drive alerts don’t work either. Dealer says it’s an SXM issue, SXM says it’s a...
  11. Anyone having Uconnect issues?

    So I called SiriusXM Guardian back because the dealer told me there's nothing else they can do and it's on the SiriusXM side. After several transfers, SiriusXM has logged another ticket - so now I play the waiting game again to see what they come back with - $100 they say take it to the dealer...
  12. Anyone having Uconnect issues?

    Yes, it is. My saga continues. I took it into the dealer this morning; they did a factory reset of the system, disconnected power and reconnected power and said that's all they can do, now SiriusXM needs to figure it out. Meanwhile, in the process of disconnecting/reconnecting power my climate...
  13. Anyone having Uconnect issues?

    I have the exact same issue. I've raised it with SiriusXM Guardian multiple times. A "ticket" has been created. I can remote lock/start vehicle and get location, so I know the connection works, but vehicle data will not populate. And it's not the app - the mopar website owner dashboard also...
  14. EV Shifting and Pedestrian Alert

    Yup. I can see the front speaker looking up from under the vehicle by the right front wheel behind the splash guard. Can’t see where the connector is from that angle though. Do you have any pics of the connector?
  15. EV Shifting and Pedestrian Alert

    Very interesting. I assume that only helps when in reverse, not in drive? There are two speakers - the one in the rear under the spare tire and there's a front one under the right front fender in front of the front right wheel. I has assumed that the front activates when in drive and the rear...
  16. Sound Mod Needed for 4xe

    Is your pedestrian alert system not working? Mine is plenty loud, wish I could make it quieter - or at least a more pleasing sound.
  17. EV Noises - Power Steering Pump? Help please...

    I'm trying to diagnose whether the noises from my 4xe are "normal". My other EV and PHEV are absolutely silent when parked in EV mode when the HVAC is off; but my 4xe makes this consistent whine. I think it's the power steering pump. Curious if this is normal or something I need to take in to...
  18. 4xe mods -- what works/doesn't work from regular JL's?

    its from quadratec.
  19. 4xe mods -- what works/doesn't work from regular JL's?

    No issues with folding seats with cup holders. Here is photo of them down.
  20. 4xe mods -- what works/doesn't work from regular JL's?

    Mods completed. Sorry for the bad pics, it’s raining outside and I just washed it! 1) ACE rock sliders mounted to body mounts. (Easy install) 2) rear seat cup holders (two screws are very tricky to get out, but once completed looks factory and with 3 kids I need them!) 3) hitch (had to remove...