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  1. Is there a true fix for the Steering/Wandering issue?

    I'm curious, is that with your hands off the wheel ( that's one hell of a lot of movement! )
  2. Grinding feeling in the clutch pedal?

    This is good to know. It's one of those things I think Jeep should address in some way shape or form. Unfortunately, Jeep will simply ignore it, unless they start failing left and right.
  3. Grinding feeling in the clutch pedal?

    I'm in the very unique position as my 2018 Rubicon ( 6spd Manual ) was defective for another reason, and I received a 2019 Rubicon ( 6spd Manual ). I can say w/o a doubt that my 2018 didn't have this grinding, while my 2019 does have what I would describe as a grinding feeling when braking and...
  4. people who've dealt w/ buy back step inside

    I have just completed the process, and it's a long and winding road, and it took alot of effort on my part to get the ball rolling. My overall view is that the 2018s were a little rushed from the welds to the electrical issues to the off road pages not being present. I'm just happy the process...
  5. Looks Like Ford Bronco is Serious About Taking on the Wrangler

    It's good to see some competition for the Wrangler, as it can only force FCA to improve the Wrangler on all kinds of things. Now if we can get Toyota to come back to the off road market, and others etc. Still love my wrangler, but I like the idea of having options next go around.
  6. I need help with my ordering. Jeep says they cant give me what I want.

    Agreed, may want to look at a different dealership. I got mine in Conway AR, 6% below and military rebate. The good thing about traveling to get your Wrangler, is you can break in the engine on the way back. If it were me I'd shop around.
  7. Check out this dealer BS

    I've bought three Wranglers solely online, and a forth via replacement for the my 2018. Online is alot easier, don't set foot on a dealership floor until the Wrangler is sitting, ready, and waiting. Ultimately though, I agree there's alot of dealerships out there that are staffed by scumbags...
  8. '18 JLU Infotainment Console Unresponsive

    So far, I think it's limited to 2018 models, but as soon as I say that someone with a 2019 will say they have it. :(
  9. '18 JLU Infotainment Console Unresponsive

    There's a thread on this, alot of us have been suffering with this issue. Jeep is aware, and to be honest, nobody in the company knows how to fix it, or what is causing it.
  10. Jeep Wranglers Piling up on Dealer Lots - Bloomberg

    Be curious of those 51 2 doors on one lot, how many are manuals and Rubicons.
  11. Jeep Wranglers Piling up on Dealer Lots - Bloomberg

    Who knows if this is true, but I did just factory order a 2019 as a replacement for my 2018, and there wasn't a single 2 door manual within 2500 miles of me. I did a search in NY, and CAL and same thing, maybe 1 or 2 max within 2500 miles. Moral of this story, maybe building a few more 2...
  12. Unconnect 8.4" Issues

    I don't believe Chrysler or Jeep knows how to fix this issue....
  13. So what's the scoop? Have the Uconnect issues been resolved yet?

    My 18 Wrangler's on the 3rd radio, not 30 seconds after I pick it up from the dealership, the lower buttons freeze! ( Shocker ). I took it right back, and showed them..... and now I've gotten radio silence from Chrysler and Jeep regarding this --- Not afraid to say I have a Lemon, and it's damn...
  14. So what's the scoop? Have the Uconnect issues been resolved yet?

    As far as I know, coming from what the dealership has told me, they have replaced the radio, and tested both batteries. It's going back in to have the 3rd radio installed next week! Ultimately, for me its, it's replace the entire electrical system, all wiring, batteries, parts etc in this...
  15. Weird uConnect/Radio issues/fix

    You aren't alone, I'm in knee deep in the process of getting my 18 Wrangler fixed with Chrysler... once I get a remedy I'll let you know. It's been the biggest hassle I've ever had with a new car, and I've owned two wranglers previous to this current one. Very sad Jeep appears to have released...
  16. So what's the scoop? Have the Uconnect issues been resolved yet?

    Short answer = NO, long answer = NO. The radios in the 18-19 Wrangler are really buggy, and the warranty period should be extended to 10 years 300K. I'm currently dealing with Chrysler, trying to get a replacement Wrangler or a permanent fix -- my 18 Wrangler has been a giant headache.
  17. Unconnect 8.4" Issues

    I have the exact same issue, my dealer "refused" to deal with Sirius XM or fix the Sirius or Guardian services. So now that I have a 3rd radio on order, I refuse to call Sirius to fix the 2nd radio when I'm going to have a 3rd radio soon. Que Jeep Cares -- " If we can help, please send us a PM"...
  18. Unconnect 8.4" Issues

    I feel your pain, I've been dealing with my issues for months, and trying to get a replacement. Just a word to the wise, Jeep Chat, Jeep Cares, and any another other Jeep representative that is not at Chrysler HQ is totally worthless in my experience. I had a case number and never was contacted...

    Just an FYI, I've had mine in the dealer three times, checked fuses, load tested batteries, and the radio is still haywire. Jeep/ Jeep Cares / Jeep chat have all been of zero help. FUBAR. Jeep.