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  1. Gladiator Fox shocks on JLUR?

    Update: On road - big difference in dampening, driving over potholes and speed bumps. Ride is less harsh. Significant difference Off road - (with 35 mt tires aired down to 17 PSI) Overall, I think it is worth the upgrade. I think I see a bigger difference in higher speeds vs lower speeds...
  2. Gladiator Fox shocks on JLUR?

    My bad, yes you are right. My take offs included the hardware so I just swapped. I think you would be fine if you used your rubi bolts though. Just as long as you torque it to spec... Regardless, no need to replace the bottom bushings if its gonna be a pain in the ass to remove. Just get new...
  3. Gladiator Fox shocks on JLUR?

    I left them because they’re exact fit
  4. Gladiator Fox shocks on JLUR?

    Rear shock top bushings from my red rubi shocks
  5. Gladiator Fox shocks on JLUR?

    Finally got the rear ones on. Had to macgyver the shit out of those bushings to get them out. Had to cut some of the rubber lip so that my gear puller could bite onto the eyelet. level of difficulty without proper tools: insane Used a cheap gear puller and a quarter lol. The need for steady...
  6. Gladiator Fox shocks on JLUR?

    good idea. Are they longer than JLU springs ? I saw that thread in the JT forum that some are bottoming out... if I were to place them on my JLU sport though, which is 400lbs lighter in the front, wouldn’t that make a pretty big difference? JLU springs are longer than JT springs.. but in my...
  7. Tinted Tail Lights?

    yup. I haven’t seen any Jeep’s around here do it, so I feel extra cool
  8. Tinted Tail Lights?

    As promised:
  9. Tinted Tail Lights?

    I just bought some cheap black vinyl on amazon ($20 or somethin) and wrapped/tinted my rear tail lights, and fender lights. Planning to get amber vinyl to wrap my foglights. Pretty quick and easy job. Most of the rolls come with all the supplies you need. It'll help if you have a...
  10. Gladiator Fox shocks on JLUR?

    Anyone know how the JT Rubicon Diesel springs will differ in height/ride when put in a JLU? Im assuming this hasnt really been done before. In theory, do diesel springs ride stiffer or softer? What would happen if I put the rear max tow springs in my JLU (willys)? Probably will end up guinea...
  11. Rear Window Shattered from Defective Rear Defogger

    Overheating. You would think it has an auto-off safety feature, but when it's just glued/stuck back on, the chances of it working like before is low. I remember seeing the heating element lines burn orange until the glass exploded. It is most likely due to the voltage and shit being different...
  12. Gladiator Fox shocks on JLUR?

    Wondering what the difference would be putting on a set of JT rubicon ecodiesel fox shocks+ springs on a JLU rubicon vs the fox JT rubicon 3.6/2.0
  13. Rear Window Shattered from Defective Rear Defogger

    Finally got mine put 2 weeks ago. 6 months without a rear glass window was tough, hopefully never again.
  14. Question , 3.45 gears running 35s

    Heard a lot of good reviews on the one teraflex makes. Thats the route I am thinking of going, or I could try and correct geometry properly to have a better ride? I would love the adjustability aspect of having the teraflex stabilizer tho...
  15. Question , 3.45 gears running 35s

    Hows your handling compared to stock form?
  16. Is it possible to combine multiple portable air compressors together?

    Hi there - noobie question but is it possible to combine 2 air compressors together to essentially give more output vs using just one? I am hesitant on dropping all the cash for a dual arb system just to air up tires (Ofc that’s not the only thing you can do with it). The options I thought of...
  17. Question , 3.45 gears running 35s

    With those 35/10.5/17s, and a 2.5 lift, I am willing to bet that you will not only enjoy the new look of your jeep but also continue to love driving it. You may lose some peppiness off the line due to the bigger tires, but the 2.0 (bonus if you have the etorque) helps minimize that as much as...
  18. Show Off Your Scenic Jeep Photos

    Thanks!! stock suspension but with 35's! yeah the stance was pretty great imo, but I eventually got 2.5inch of lift to allow more clearance in the wheel wells. I was for sure going to pop my fenders out one day if I never got the lift. Perfect stance though for light trails and the city!
  19. Rear Window Shattered from Defective Rear Defogger

    Yup, just like mine. If they connect it and they don’t do a good job, high chance that it will over heat and shatter the window
  20. Rear Window Shattered from Defective Rear Defogger

    Yeah, not worth the risk to turn that defogger on!!