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  1. Stock Sport S with Method wheel pics.

    I'd like to know as well. 👍
  2. Mods please delete

  3. Jeep Wave during a pandemic

    I hadn't planned on using it, but I had a lot of trouble with my Jeep out of the gate, so I only wanted FCA hands on it for a while. I won't continue with it once it expires, but I know a lot of people take advantage of the program.
  4. Jeep Wave during a pandemic

    I haven't stopped driving it completely. I had my first off-road adventure during this pandemic actually. It was a lot of fun and after all I've been through with service, I was happy to not get stranded anywhere. I'll be upgrading some things now that I've actually gone wheeling with it. But...
  5. Jeep Wave during a pandemic

    Hey Everyone. I thought maybe some of you might find this helpful. I bought my JLU in 2019 and Jeep Wave is set to expire soon. I reached out to FCA since I haven't used up all of the oil changes/tire rotations offered with the program due to not driving during Covid. They will NOT extend Jeep...
  6. Sun Visor Broken

    I just picked mine up from the dealer last week. Took almost 2 months to get the part.
  7. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    Well, Friday the 13th strikes again... I've already scheduled an appointment with my dealer for the broken sun visor and a look at my tires, which are making suspicious sounds since the latest rotation. I just had my second year of Krown rust coating performed and when I got it home to wipe it...
  8. Tire comparisons, Owner ratings chart. What's good and what's hype

    First, Thank you for this very informative post, Winchell. I am still running stock, but I would love to know of anyone running General Grabbers, specifically the ATX.
  9. Tires humming after dealer rotation.

    Good idea. I didn’t think to check the print out on my receipt. This time it’s says “8” for all 4 tires. The previous visit for a rotation was in February when it read “9,9,10,9”. All green boxes for the abnormal wear pattern of tires category each visit. The “check brake linings” reads as...
  10. Tires humming after dealer rotation.

    Hey everyone. I recently had my 2019 JLU Sport S in for an oil change/tire rotation at the dealer I bought it from. They have been working with me since I bought the Jeep and immediately had issues. I’m confident that they are an adequate service shop. That said, I have noticed lately a humming...
  11. Sun Visor Broken

    Well this isn’t a club I wanted to be a part of, but here we are. 2019 JLU Sport S with 17k miles. Drivers side is hanging. Guess I’m headed back to the dealership... again. The poor service manager cringes every time he sees my name.
  12. Jeep wants my 2019 Sport S JLU

    Hey everyone. I’m getting calls and emails weekly from my local Jeep dealer who wants to “buy back” my ‘19 JLU Sport S and/or “put me in an identical ‘20 for $7 less per month.” I know this is a shit deal, but who can tell me what the dealer’s angle is for profit? First of all, I have a Mojito...
  13. Rubicon Chirps over Bumps

    2019 JLU Sport S here doing the same thing. I thought it was a loose screw maybe under my seat? Then I thought maybe it had something to do with my installation of the soft top (since I noticed it more with the soft top on.) Now I'm thinking it's the issue you guys have posted about.
  14. Anyone familiar with the Suntop?

    I don’t have the OEM soft top or any other soft top to compare it to. The BTTT NX is nice in some ways and not in others. Pros: Fairly easy to take the windows off and enjoy an open ride. Cheaper than Ultra. Built from strong materials and holds up well. (I’ve had it on/off for 2 seasons.) The...
  15. Anyone familiar with the Suntop?

    I have the TT if you have questions, I’d be happy to try and help. There are definitely pros and cons. Edited to say I have the NX, not the Ultra. I just noticed that detail. Knowing what I know with the NX, an ultra isn’t worth the extra $ imho.
  16. Funny Wife Thing.

    Ah hem! On behalf of wives... I was the one who talked the husband into getting our JLU. We needed something for heavy winters and his little Mazda wasn’t cutting it anymore. I had to drive it one day and I barely made it through a nasty storm, I immediately came into the house and yelled, “We...
  17. 2020 Jeep Wrangler High Altitude Edition Announced

    I think this is going to go over very well in my local market. We have a pro football team and the player lot is littered with JLU mall crawlers. This is right up the pro athletes alley as a G wagon alternative. Side note, I actually like the Snazzberry. If it looks like the pics IRL, it’s...
  18. Jeep Wave $500 Savings Dollars???

    I just came in here to see what the savings dollars even are! I got an email telling me Jeep Wave is discontinuing the savings dollars program as of June 30, 2020, so any spending needs to be done before then. I don't think I'll find anything worth buying (especially during this uncertain time)...
  19. "Stop Safely Vehicle Will Shut Off Soon"

    In my case, it is fixed. It took FCA 5 attempts at repairs before they finally replaced the PCM and ran it through some major tests before turning it back over to me. I had lemon papers in hand and would not be making another trip back to the dealer, which made them hold onto it for a while they...
  20. Console USB Charging- weak?

    Well, I'm happy/frustrated to report it seems that it's the cable for me. I brought it into the house and it wouldn't charge there either. I guess I can only expect so much from an Amazon buy.