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  1. Steering wheel wobble?

    They replaced the ball joints on the last visit, I’d like to think the torque was re-done st that time lol
  2. Steering wheel wobble?

    They replaced my track bar and it made no change. I am at the dealer dropping it off again, if it’s not fixed this time I think I’ll be utilizing my companies lawyer benefits to deal with it. 40k vehicle and I can’t safely drive it after 5 months. I’m beyond annoyed with this. It’s...
  3. Steering wheel wobble?

    I did that with the first dealership. They said I could drop it back off but they didn’t know how long it would take and couldn’t get me a rental car. I was very unhappy with that dealer which is why I tried this other one. They said they reproduced so I was hopeful, now I actually read the...
  4. Steering wheel wobble?

    I reproduce the issue every day within 5 miles of the dealer. I told them the exact spots I have it happen on, literally a 10 minute drive and I reproduce it 99% of the time.
  5. Steering wheel wobble?

    I told them that last time, will make a stink about it this time. It’s absolutely true. What I caught on video is not nearly as bad as it gets, sometimes it’s so bad I have to hit the brakes hard or risk losing control. My wife won’t even ride in it now. Quite frankly I don’t want to drive it...
  6. Steering wheel wobble?

    What’s funny is that I look at the paperwork now and it doesn’t fit with what they told me The advisor said they relocated the issue, opened a star case and that’s why they needed it for so long. I don’t see anything about a star case, it says they didn’t replicate and obviously we know they...
  7. Steering wheel wobble?

    Here is what they wrote on my paperwork
  8. Steering wheel wobble?

    Supposedly they did create a star case. They gave me a loaner for the week they had it, their service wasn’t bad they just didn’t fix the issue lol.
  9. Steering wheel wobble?

    Not to my knowledge
  10. Steering wheel wobble?

    I have the same issue. 15k miles and 100 % stock. I have taken it to two dealerships now. First was a 100% waste of time and didnt even attempt to fix, second dealer had it for almost a week, changed out the upper ball joints, drag link, balanced and rotated tires. driving it home and no change...
  11. People that have gone from "sporty" rides to a Wrangler... be honest now... do you regret it?

    I don’t regret it at all. I generally didn’t like larger vehicles but I think the wrangler is my favorite vehicle. That thrill you get with sporty cars is just as easy (maybe easier?) to get with the Jeep off-road.
  12. Curved Rear Hitch Stinger?

    I am interested in finding this too!
  13. Barricade Adventure HD Bumper w/LED Lights & LED Light Bar

    this price is including the LED's?
  14. The Non-Rubicon Jl & JLU Thread

    I have a sport S now - mostly because I wasn't in a position to buy a Rubicon but needed a new vehicle, but quite honestly the Sport S is great for me. I got the cold weather group, anti spin differentials, 7 inch display with alpine stereo, remote start, etc.. I have taken it offroad several...
  15. ZF 8 speed automatic transmission review

    I am very happy with mine. I didnt buy a JK a few years back because I just couldnt bring myself to owning such a dog. Test drove a JL and bought it the same day. 5k miles later, I still love it.
  16. Net effect of a lift on a JLU Sahara vs Rubicon

    Intrested in this answer as well. My understanding is that a 2 inch lift will still allow 35's on the Sport/Sahara but I havent done it myself yet :)
  17. Rusting welds

    There was a big conversation on a JL facebook page - almost everyone that looked said theres was the same way.
  18. Add Heated Steering wheel and seats

    I have a sport S with cloth seats that are heated with the heated steering wheel.
  19. Does anyone actually like start-stop

    I have read the opposite, so I have no idea what to believe. Overall I don't like it, but if i was assured that its not causing any additional wear to my vehicle I may dislike it a little less. Until then, I will remain in the habit of hitting that little disable button every time I get in.
  20. backup camera

    Went out and took another pic. It is the tire I see, so I’d say yours is correct or very close to it Mine has 700 miles and nothing has touched that back tire, so that is how it came from the factory.