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  1. Rear window defroster unsoldered?

    Have had this happen twice now. Both times it fried the defroster grid. So far we think the root cause is low seal compression at the top of the hatch causing water to leak onto the grid, which then reduces resistance and heats the grid to the point of failure and melting the wires off...
  2. Have you spotted any yet?

    Actually no, looks identical but i don't have a front plate.
  3. Have you spotted any yet?

    Might have been me. i was downtown that weekend. Ive got a white rubi with black fenders and hardtop.
  4. Mojito Green Build and Price

    Any scoop on why the Mojito is gone from build and price?
  5. Northridge4x4's Firecracker Red 2018 JLUR Build

    assuming they cant come up with a technical reason for the failure being linked to the mod you performed. burden of proof is on the manufacturer to determine that your modification or failure to adhere to their recommendations is the cause for failure.
  6. 3.6L Pentastar Used Oil Analysis of Factory Fill, 2000 Miles (Blackstone report)

    Exactly, but it can give you a good idea of when to change next time. If they say you change at 7K and they say you have 5k left, you should be safe if nothing else changes in driving habits to move to a 10k flush.
  7. What will you be doing differently from the maintenance schedule?

    I'll do the same thing I did to my Ram 2500 when I got it last year. at 1000 miles I'll drain and switch to Amsoil with the Wix filter. after that, i will follow the OLM until the warranty runs out using Amsoil OE grade oil. That should run me about $40 a change. once that's done I will...
  8. Have you spotted any yet?

    was it a white rubi?
  9. Buying a JK instead of a JL - Interesting Perspective

    Agreed, what I'm getting at is all of the issues he had have supposedly been solved with the JL Rubi axles. So apples to apples, the upgrades to the JL axles make it worth it over the JK, unless your plan is to go 1-tons and >37" tires.
  10. Buying a JK instead of a JL - Interesting Perspective

    id say the axle upgrades on the JL make this a mute point. if you have any plans of going 35's-37's which most people who modify will. The axle upgrades on the JL "should" be enough to handle this. my buddy has a JKUR on 37's and he has had plenty of axle problems, bent tube, bent C, small...
  11. Rear side window removal on Hardtop

    i think i read that its a pain to rig the power top to pull evenly if you remove the entire top so thats why they have the removable panels.
  12. Have you spotted any yet?

    None...lots of looks, especially at stop lights when they hear the ESS kick in. i guess its not that common on cars you can actually hear run.