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  1. Sahara LoD Support? ***RESOLVED***

    LoD saw this thread and the issue was resolved within 30min. Thank you LoD!
  2. Sahara LoD Support? ***RESOLVED***

    Hi all. Is anyone else here having any issues with LoD support? I really like their products, however trying to reach them in any capacity over issues with their products has been difficult at best. I installed the Armor Lite Rocksliders and then ordered the Drop Steps. One of the fasteners (a...
  3. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Added LoD Armor Lite Rocksliders, Diode Dynamics cowl brackets and sideshooter cube lights, and VoSwitch JL switch panel (tough to get a good picture of the VoSwitch panel...)
  4. Massachusetts LoD Armor Lite Rock Sliders

    They, and your rig, look great! Thanks!
  5. LoD Armor Lite Rock Sliders

    Thanks for the reply, but I am mostly interested in the step add-ons that LoD offers for the Armor Lite steps. You rig looks great tho!
  6. LoD Armor Lite Rock Sliders

    Hi all. Was J U S T about to pull the trigger and get a set of the LoD Armor Lite Rock Sliders to replace the factory running boards on my 2020 JLUS, but decided to hold off until I posted this query here in...
  7. Massachusetts LoD Armor Lite Rock Sliders

    Hi all. Was J U S T about to pull the trigger and get a set of the LoD Armor Lite Rock Sliders to replace the factory running boards on my 2020...
  8. Rattling Freedom Panels

    Thanks for the reply. The sounds I am experiencing seem to originate in the same area on my JLUS but from above and behind the drivers side head. I will give your suggestion a try! I have some 3M paint protection film that is comparable to the film link you sent, so I will give that a go...
  9. Rattling Freedom Panels

    Hi there. As the cold weather is upon us, I have noticed that the Freedom Panels on our 2020 JLUS have started to rattle. It's not a hugely obvious issue or one that is constant, however it always happens on a bumpy road or hitting potholes, etc. I have checked the seals around each panel and...
  10. Black Lug Nuts?

    Thanks everyone for all the input. Went with the Gorilla brand locking version and got them through They arrived to me within 3 days (maybe because I'm located in the same state as their store). IMO they look great!
  11. Massachusetts 5 Bridgestone Duelers (LIKE NEW) **SOLD**

    Hello! I have (5) brand new Bridgestone Dueler H/T tires (255/70/R18T) that I removed from my Jeep after my approximate 45 mile drive home from the dealer. Asking $350 for all 5. Local pick-up only please, but I would be willing to meet up if it's less than a 90min. drive. Thanks!
  12. Black Lug Nuts?

    Just looked on the " site" and they list there at $97.50. Great deal. Thanks for the link!!!
  13. Black Lug Nuts?

    Great, ty! And that's a cool A-pillar bracket and marker light. Can you tell me what that set up is? David
  14. Black Lug Nuts?

  15. Black Lug Nuts?

    Thanks! I'm planning on keeping the stock wheels for now, but will keep this in mind if I swap them out.
  16. 2018 Granite Crystal Sahara Overland Build

    Really nice build! Can you tell me what rock rails those are? Thanks!
  17. Black Lug Nuts?

    Hello. I have a 4dr 2020 Ocean Blue Metallic JLU Sahara Altitude edition, and just noticed that the lug nuts are chrome as opposed to being blacked out like all the other trim/badging that the Altitude edition highlights. My question is: has anyone swapped out their chrome lug nuts with a...
  18. Bumper

    Thanks guys. The whole business of the multiple bumpers being used on different trim levels is a bit...mind boggling. I get the upgraded Rubicon steel bumper, but for the other trim levels it does seem odd. So, NJJeep Guy: do you know if the particular part is available and will fit on my...
  19. Bumper

    I was walking through a parking lot yesterday and noticed that a 2020 Willys version had this molded bumper section (circled in Red) attached to it. The rest of the front stock bumper looks exactly the same as the one on my JLUSA except for this one piece. I kind of like the look of it as it...