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  1. Sky One-Touch Top Roof Rack Options

    I too got the gobi rack installed! about 16 weeks to delivery. difficult to get a return call or talk to anyone to order or talk about an order. Very amazing packaging, looks incredibly well engineered. I couldn't be happier twith the rack!
  2. Cracked Windshield Club

    Just arrainged for a replacement windsheild, Damn, $700
  3. Is the Stock Windshield that weak?

    Just had a small rock hit mine. cracked, and the crack ran another 5" My insurance agent says the jeeps are noted for going through lots of windsheilds. I have a $250 dedcutible, and for another $23 every six months I can get $0 deductible. I think I'll do that!
  4. RVIbrake3 Probs-700 miles from home

    I added a new plug in spot in the center console, controlled by one of the 4 switches on the dash. works great
  5. Going through car wash with one touch top?

    I have no problem taking it through the car wash. And have a number of times, with no issues. Over the couse of a number of years, I'm sure there will be fading and wear issues. Remeber those relatives that put heavy plastic on their couches to preserve them? The couches were almost unusable...
  6. Mounting ARB Air Compressor

    I have and still love the Kansas underhood bracket. very innovative, and so far no issues at all. Great to have air and not have to sacrifice other much needed space. the install was a little tricky, but pretty easy once I figured out a good way, was able to do it by myself prety quickly.
  7. Sky One-Touch Top Roof Rack Options

    The gobi looks like the saide rails, being two on each side, will support more weight. Does anyone know about wind noise for either the Gobi or the LOD? I want to be able to put 4 x 8 sheets on top, The gobi website does not yet have the dimensions width and length, of their rack. For those...
  8. JL for a roadtrip??

    I drove my Moab from Vegas to sAn Diego when I bought it, and recently from San Diego to Mammoth and back. Each about 400 miles. Drove great, quite comfortable. Cruise control and adaptive cruise control work pretty well, but not as well thought out as it is on my Tesla. Very happy with the...
  9. Wind noise for Gobi roof Rack?

    I see that Gobi has made a nice roof rack for the JL's with Sky One touch. This looks like a great addition. Does anyone have one installed, and if so, is there much increase in wind noise? I wouldnt want to spend $2k only to find out that the noise is obnoxious. Its pricey, but would be a...
  10. License plate color

    I got the california optional original plates, looks good with the Sting Grey color
  11. Rubi Wheels and Tires on a Sahara - Pictures Please

    I have a Moab, which is a Sahara with some Rubi parts, including almost identical wheels and some of the suspension. I like the look a lot, partly why I bought it! I like the looks of the MT tires, but am planning on swapping them out for KO2's when they wear out.
  12. Sting Grey opinions?

    I really like my Sting Grey, so does the wife!! like has been said, it looks like a different color in differenbt light. It surprised me in that its almost as good as my white car for not showing dirt. I have the Moab, and any black trim you put on it looks badass too!
  13. Sky One Touch Roof - Yes or NO

    I paid cash for the jeep, and I plan on keeping it for many years. I suspect that Jeep reengineered the top for the new application, applying lessons learned from Liberty and fiat. If not, I'm still very happy with the Sky one touch, it makes me happy each time I drive it!!. If it needs to be...
  14. Sky One Touch Roof - Yes or NO

    I waited last year till they became available and so glad i did. No other option was worth waiting for, but the sky onetouch increases the joy factor. Everytime i go out, I can have that open air feeling. If I had it to do over, or ever buy another jeep, this option is a Must Have!!
  15. My head is spinning help decide Selec Trac and Sky One Touch please?

    I have both Selec trac and the sky one touch. I love both of them, and I think its the best option for you too. Selec trac - you didn't mention that yhou want to rock climb, so for yoru purposes, the full time nature, especially on splippery / no slippery roads makes a lot of sense. I have had...
  16. Sky One-Touch Power Top owners poll

    Sky one touch is the best of all the roof options, you can enjoy the open air anytime the conditions are good even if it’s only for a minute or a mile. No planning. No missed enjoyment!
  17. ARB the company is stunning with their lack of support

    I bought a nice dual motor ARB compressor. I had a simple question about the purple wire and how it activates the relay. They provide a wiring harness that is designed to operate lockers, but since I will never have lockers, I just wanted to connect it properly. Their reply took two weeks, and...
  18. Favorite Battery Powered Impact Wrench?

    10 years ago I bought all the 28 volt series Milwaukee tools. Impact, saw and sawzall are great. Batteries are too expensive. The drill is too heavy for many uses and will about break your wrist if whatever you’re drilling catches. I would definitely go 18 volt for size. Even the impact won’t...
  19. Sky One-Touch Power Top owners poll

    As it turns out, when you’re driving it does not matter that the back window stays on. I suppose it does seem strange, but in practice it’s fine. Don’t really need to take off the back side windows or even the rear doors either. Taking off the front doors, tool the top back and it’s a pretty...