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  1. Can't decided on a Lift

    IMO for a DD'r stay with 35's, 37's are too much tire. I have 17,000 on my 37's.
  2. Flat-tow Set-up

    Dont mount it where I did. Rain gets into socket and causes shorts. I have to use caulking and seal the plug to socket connection.
  3. AFE Air Filter - which type?

    A year on with aFe Power 31-10280 on issues or regrets.
  4. Meetup or Club in West Los Angeles Santa Monica

    Join/support cal4wheel for state wide activities. They have a roster of local clubs which is how I found my local clubs and many events. IMHO, if everybody with a Jeep joined we'd have lots of trails.
  5. M.O.R.E. bellypan

    Note: M.O.R.E. does not have a installation department, does not install their products for customers or have an open to public walk in show room. They offered to install mine as a quality control check. DO NOT go to Craig, Colorado to visit them or tell them you want installation. I would even...
  6. Patagonia Tires vs Cooper STT PRO tires on mud slick trails

    My first choice for upgraded tires was Milestars. I ended up with Cooper Pro STT an have 17,000 on them(OD reading) with many miles of rock crawling, mud, sand and some snow. I've yet to be disappointed having them. I flat tow my rig mostly and those Cooopers have another 10,000+ miles behind...
  7. Any reviews on aftermarket skid plates/ bellypans?

    My experience with M.O.R.E. was a good one. Thread...
  8. Wow Moab trails may soon be taken over by oil companies

    Vote for a representative of "We the People"
  9. $99 for a 13,000lb winch with synthetic rope???

    It looks like a winch and has "look at me" covered. If it's legit, great Mall cruiser equipment.
  10. Tire comparisons, Owner ratings chart. What's good and what's hype

    I’ve owned many brands of tires, on many brands of 4x4’s over 40+ years. I now have 18,000 miles on 37x12.5r17 Cooper STT Pros. Be it 80 MPH interstate slogs, aggressive cornering on mountain roads , sand, mud, snow and rocks. They are as good as a DOT approved traction tire gets IMO. All...
  11. Washboard Road

    My JLR was terrible stock. Mopar lift, 37" tires with 18 psi made it livable.
  12. Looking for off-roaders in Ventura. County/San Fernando Valley

    I mostly due longer runs flat towing my JLR and use RV as a hub for 4/7 day durations. Disperse camping, fishing and wheeling new areas is my thing right now. Is that what you're looking to do ? If you are interested in clubs. A few of SB4x4 club members are talking about a long weekend outing...
  13. California Mopar lift LCA's

    yes. carpinteria , ca.
  14. What tire pressure should I be at?

    yet another way many say, get a length of 1"x1" made of anything solid (iron bar stock ,wood, metal plastic)at least 12" long. With your rig normally loaded, park a tire on it so you see air space on either side of the 1x1. Air up if you don't, air down until the air space is gone. That's you...
  15. Can dealer flash you to 37s?

    As mentioned, get a Taser. I got the lite version. tires size air pressure and more. i like the swaybar disconnect and locker in Hi range. Worth the money vs dealer charges IMO
  16. Terrible Seats

    Yes, different strokes for different folk's. My JLR seat is fine, the gas pedal position is F'd up and cause's right hip pain on long trails.
  17. So Cal Jeep groups

    Join Cal4Wheel they have a list California clubs.
  18. M.O.R.E. bellypan

    Me too! To be honest, I'm wating for Artec Industries aluminum 2dr. bellypan with better ground clearance and lighter weight. Artec's will be 3x's the cost of my M.O.R.E.'s . What's M.O.R.E. , haha, M.O.R.E. is so concerned about there own quality control they installed mine just to make sure it...
  19. Let me see your bumper/winch combo

    Another RockHard alum. with Smitybult 9.5, Halogen K.C.'s and a Hi-lift jack.