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  1. Air Filters...

  2. Problem with Mopar Soft Top (little flap won't stay shut). Anyone else?

    My passenger-side flap has popped out constantly since installing my premium soft top. I removed the tab from under the channel and placed it between the plastic tab in front of the channel and the channel itself. Obviously, the entire length of the tab is no longer secured. but the flap has...
  3. Oil opinions wanted

    While I do want to agree with you on the points that figuring out the correct viscosity oil and how much to use is simple, I would like to point out that Jeep does not explicitly say to use Pennzoil. According to my owner's manual, it states: "Mopar SAE 0W-20 engine oil approved to FCA Material...
  4. Window vent shades

    The instructions that came with my in-channel AVS said the tab on the rear goes on the outside and the short piece of tape was applied on the inside-facing part of the tab. No issues raising the rear windows. It sounds like AVS may have goofed on yours or made a change. Mine were purchased in...
  5. Where to get Gladiator Grill Inserts?

    This article ( states that the JT grill slots are wider, so I am assuming the inserts are wider also and likely would not fit in a JL/JLU grill. I recall seeing somewhere that the JT...
  6. Will Gladiator factory grill insert fit JL Wrangler?

    It's not just the holes on the grill slot inserts that are larger. The Gladiator grill slots themselves are wider than those on the JLs to allow more airflow. You could not put JT inserts on the JL, but since the grills are the same size, changing grills would be an option.
  7. Ordering with a Trade

    My dealer made an offer for my trade when I ordered my JLUR that was higher than what I anticipated, We discussed mileage on the trade between time of ordering and delivery and they committed to honoring the amount as long as I did not add over 3000 miles. It all worked out well!
  8. BSM audible warning

    I only get the tone when the visual warning is lit AND the turn signal is on. I am not sure about a volume setting.
  9. What do you have your Aux Switches connected to?

    Power interrupt kit for the winch.
  10. Sensor work around with doors off?

    Glad to hear that the remote start option will work! Now I can get the air conditioning running to cool things off when the doors aren't on.
  11. Aux switches - Im Looking for instructions

    Per the Owner's Manual, they are factory fused. Connections are located under instrument panel and under hood behind battery.
  12. Still No Wind Deflectors by WeatherTech Available?

    I've been running AVS on my vehicles for years and have been very happy with them...
  13. When my JL (Odometer) turned 1941 :)

    A thread was started, but it didn't go far...
  14. Pennsylvania For Sale: NIB Black Soft Top for JLU - Pittsburgh

    Interested as well. Let me know if @balan passes on this.