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  1. Will the Bronco cause a price drop for the Wrangler?

    The base Rubicon isn’t too expensive, it’s just once you start adding packages the price really rises and some packages are mutually exclusive like the steel bumper with the LED.
  2. Is this sound normal?

    I can’t get the audio to work but some ticking or clicking is pretty normal. My Volkswagen makes a weird xerox like computerish noise that I have noticed on other vehicles but it’s done it for 6 years. I probably wouldn’t worry about it especially since the engine is still turning over for a bit...
  3. Where's the love for the 2dr JL

    The manuals will die soon I bet or at least be pretty limited but I doubt the two door will die. I’ve wanted to buy a 2 door Jeep and my girlfriend hates the aesthetics of them, she dislikes the 2 door bronco as well. She however likes the 4 door wrangler and loves the 4 door bronco. The 4 door...
  4. Will the Bronco cause a price drop for the Wrangler?

    So you can get a 2 door bronco with 35’s and front and rear lockers for under 35k. It may be IFS but you get a Dana 220 and a Dana 210 up front with 4.7 gearing and a 3:1 transfer case. Do you think Rubicons will drop in price?
  5. Jeep Wrangler Rubicon vs. Off-Road Pickups

    I would definitely get the rubicon unless I needed a truck or was doing stuff where I needed a longer wheelbase in which case the four door is probably fine.
  6. Jeep Wrangler Rubicon vs. Off-Road Pickups

    I was emphasizing that these new 8 and 10 speed automatics allow a 3.31 to be aggressive enough off road, more capable than a 4.56 in something older. I would look at the crawl ratio and not individual numbers in the gearing.”
  7. Jeep Wrangler Rubicon vs. Off-Road Pickups

    Mainly in dunes, with a 4:1 4 low may be too low and 4 high may make it a little difficult to get moving especially with a manual. They wouldn’t make 3 speed transfer cases if you always needed the lowest 4 low, having a range from to 2.7:1 thru 10.8:1 gives you the ability to have the perfect...
  8. Jeep Wrangler Rubicon vs. Off-Road Pickups

    There’s less of an aftermarket for the 2 door rubicon compared to the 4 door but the 4 door also has a worse break over angle than the ZR2z
  9. Jeep Wrangler Rubicon vs. Off-Road Pickups

    I have 4.56s, lockers, 33”s and 4 speed auto and there’s almost nowhere I can’t go in my 94 ranger. The ZR2 with the 3.31 has a better crawl ratio than my 4.56s just because it has twice as many gears. That 4:1 transfer case is super helpful for going downhill but outside of very slow rock...
  10. Weird noise when accelerating

    Honestly if it’s only in one gear at the specific RPM and only after the exhaust I’d imagine it’s harmonics and just more pronounced after the new exhaust. I’ve experienced similar things by going to different flywheels and with a new exhaust on an automatic.
  11. Weird noise when accelerating

    You said only in third gear, right? So not at the same RPM in second or fourth?
  12. QTDDTOT: Questions that don't deserve their own thread

    On Reddit some Toyota bro was trying to say that wranglers and gladiators would break down if a wire going to ABS or the locker was unplugged and the ECU would require a reflash at the dealer. This is obviously bullshit but are there times where the ECU can be “bricked”?
  13. Check out this baby... I don't have the words.

    The back axle has no drive if I remember correctly.
  14. A Thought on First Aid Kits

    Getting some shoes for your dog is a must when going out in the bush. I had a dog cut his foot on some ice in the backyard and it was a big ordeal. Had to clean it a couple times a day and put a sock on his paw. After that we’d put shoes on him before he went out in the snow. Had a pair for...
  15. Considering a visit to the dark side

    The interior of the Sahara and Rubicon are like a Cadillac, in some ways more stylish. I’d say they’re like a Benz or a Rolls Royce compared to older vehicles.
  16. Lockers... whenever I want them.

    It seems the slack is what they were talking about, the pins never come out but slamming on the skinny peddle back and forth in the mud can damage the gears and the pins.
  17. Lockers... whenever I want them.

    Someone tried to tell me the lockers have to reengage when you switch from drive to reverse and vice versa. Does this sound right to anyone?
  18. China virus crisis = possible parts shortage?

    70 people have died from this new corona virus? 8500+ people have died from the flu just this season. Even SARS was less deadly than the flu, overcrowded places like China just have a lot of contact and spread of infection, that combined with high cause what seems like a high mortality because...
  19. 3rd Gear Grind manual Transmission

    I had an issue with a transmission not going it to first, service department said it wasn’t an issue and the service manager kept letting the the clutch out while putting pressure on the gear telling me it wouldn’t grind until he ground it twice in a row, still said it wasn’t an issue. Went...