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  1. Wisconsin OEM Steel Front, Warn Winch Plate, Mopar Brush Guard & Rear Bumper

    Yeah. I live in Northern Illinois but work in Pleasant Prairie. Does this bumper have the sensor holes?
  2. Anybody install front Rokblokz on a MOAB or other model/trim with Mopar Performance Rock Rails?

    I think that’s the best idea. Modifying a set with existing cutouts should be easier than a set without. Best of luck.
  3. Anybody install front Rokblokz on a MOAB or other model/trim with Mopar Performance Rock Rails?

    I did not get them to work. You say you have a Rubicon. Unless you swapped out the stock rock rails for the performance ones, you can get the RokBloks with the cutouts and they will fit just right.
  4. Pennsylvania SOLD ---- WTS - Brand new Premium JLU Soft Top

    @moonlit and @JSFoster75 Checkout greyhound for shipping. If you both have bus terminals somewhat nearby, it can be a great option. I had a soft top shipped from Baltimore to Milwaukee for $110.
  5. Racor Hoist System

    Any photos of the extension?
  6. S&B Cool Air Intake Issue

    But the one for the 2.0 Turbo and sell the one you have on here. You will take a little bit of a hit, but not as much as just scrapping it and going back to factory setup.
  7. Want to hear from Tube Door owners

    Take a look at the offerings from EAG. You could get a full set of 4 for $400 (or less)....!sq%3DEag%20doors%7C%7Cbrand%3DEAG
  8. Illinois SOLD — Set of 5 BFG KM2 Tires (Moab Takeoffs) - 7572 miles

    I sold these last September. I’m pretty sure I marked them sold. Apologies for any confusion.
  9. E-ZPass® transponder - Plasti-Dip & Mount with ...

    Did you end up mounting to bumper? If so, any pics you can share?
  10. Dead Pedal, single bolt attachment type.

    Install was super easy and I was looking so forward to having the dead pedal. But, it’s just so far away that I’m not finding it very beneficial. I’d have to love the seat up another 2-3 clicks to make the dead pedal useful. I like to think I’m somewhat intelligent, but I can’t figure out with...
  11. Dead Pedal, single bolt attachment type.

    It is hinged, so it can be “flipped” up to remove the mat. I can’t speak to damage as I’ve only had it in for 2 days
  12. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    Bruno got to go on his first topless ride tonight!
  13. Illinois SOLD: Brand New in Box Premium Black Sunrider Soft Top

    You may want to think twice about selling the soft top.... I’m also in the Chicagoland area and bought a Moab last March and a soft top from a forum member (since I didn’t buy dual top group) in May. The way our weather changes by the hour, I didn’t want to remove hard top and then get caught...
  14. itty bitty tiny text

    I'm sorry to hear that. Personally, I'm loving the update. The new front is actually easier for me to read on my iOS devices. Most importantly, I can now read posts in portrait mode now that the ads don't force the crazy weird wrapping like before.
  15. One Weekend Left!!!

    I was about to pull the trigger, but maybe not. In this other thread/post (, it was stated that the twill Sunrider qualified for a $200 rebate, but when I check model numbers on the forms, it looks...
  16. Tail Gate Light Guard

    I did this a few weeks ago. Install was very easy (fronts are a little more painful). No issues so far. Blind-spot monitoring still works fine. One tip: check eBay. I got brand new rears for $75!
  17. OCEAN BLUE Wrangler JL Club

    Which cargo mat is that? Looks really nice...
  18. OCEAN BLUE Wrangler JL Club

    An details you can share about the coupon?