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  1. How to extend the life of your 3.0D

    I’ve read the fine print of that policy and not come across anything concerning regarding coverage of the typical failure parts on modern diesels. I have also seen primarily reports of smooth sailing with the claims process re non-3.0 wranglers so it’s worth it to me given the relative risk of...
  2. How to extend the life of your 3.0D

    Geico MBI is the answer. If FCA wants to play this game for 36,000 miles, I’ll let geico pay the price later.
  3. EcoDiesel Surge

    There were a few folks who had throttle controller issues early in the 2020 run of the 3.0. You’d have to look back in those threads to find them because I forget who it was.
  4. How to extend the life of your 3.0D

    Wasn’t the issue with the 12991 that they wanted to reduce turbo coking? Maybe they’re trading increased internal wear for decreased turbo wear?
  5. How to extend the life of your 3.0D

    Would be interested to see if those numbers are consistent across several production years of gen3 engines and over a variety of load/environmental conditions. Oil-specific changes could prove/disprove your hypothesis regarding the MS-12991 oil characteristics too.
  6. How to extend the life of your 3.0D

    I’ve been using XPD for 25,000 miles in my JLURD because I put 150,000 miles on Golf TDIs with the same stuff after seeing its performance data. My mpg bump makes the stuff nearly free to add for the peace of mind regarding injectors, HPFP, -30F fuel performance etc.
  7. AEV JL bumpers now available

    They do the job and look as close to OEM as you’ll get for a much more functional rear end. Best spare fuel and shovel integration in the business if you need them. Install of the rear was a total bitch. Park assist sensors go off for no reason half the time probably because AEV ONLY had 3...
  8. Am I a good candidate for an ecodiesel?

    I commute 7 miles each way to work and take long rides on the weekend. 22,000 miles problem free with the 3.0 turning 37s and an overland build. Buy it.
  9. Cautionary tale regarding axle shafts...

    Spoke too soon. Swapped shafts, brake binding went down about 90% temporarily and the low-speed shudder I was having was unchanged. Went on a couple road trips, brake bind worsened beyond prior severity, gear oil started to leak from the flange end of the housing and it turns out the housing...
  10. Would you buy another 3.0L EcoDiesel? Why? Why not?

    I’ve been on 3.73 without once feeling a need for anything higher. Cruises in 8th in the low 60mph range, still needs 4L way less frequently than my 3.6 did over the same terrain with 4.10 gears and the 6MT.
  11. EcoDiesels in the wild?

    Move to AK and I’ll introduce you to just about everyone up here running a 3.0! :CWL: That may have been true last year, but people have started to realize the 3.0 suits this place to a T.
  12. Would you buy another 3.0L EcoDiesel? Why? Why not?

    21,000 miles on my 3.0, still fits my use case perfectly. Moves my heavy overland setup with pace over 400 miles per fillup returning over 21mpg on 37s. My issues with the rig so far have to do with the JL design and the way it is driven…bent both rear axle shaft flanges hitting several...
  13. Rattle inside Passenger Front Door

    Update regarding my JLURD. After my dealer was unable to diagnose the issue, @JeepCares helped to coordinate a second evaluation at another dealer. They also could not identify the problem so it was referred to their affiliated body shop for evaluation. They managed to (not surprisingly) find...
  14. 3.0 vs 3.6 MPG towing

    70% better towing mpg or overland heavy setup mpg is what a lot of folks on here were talking about when they first got amped up about the 3.0. The naysayers came on and claimed numbers like that would never materialize. My rig is closer to 40% better mpg compared to a much lighter 3.6 JLUR I...
  15. Gladiator grill on JL install

    I’ve had my sills submerged more times than I can count and the rig keeps ticking without leaks or electrical faults so far. Let her swim! :devil:
  16. Gladiator grill on JL install

    Horns do ok submerged?
  17. AEV JLU Wrangler Build [SEMA 2019]

    I believe it does not unless you swap the taillights.
  18. Cautionary tale regarding axle shafts...

    I’m fairly confident it is not but once the shafts are swapped, we’ll know for sure.
  19. Cautionary tale regarding axle shafts...

    Always better when someone else finds the OEM parts limits for you though amirite? :beer::fist bump:
  20. Cautionary tale regarding axle shafts...

    Sooo my rear axle shaft flanges are bent at 20,000 miles... I’ll preface this by saying the diesel engine/emissions equipment weight is far from the only factor involved. While my AEV Borahs and Pintlers are relatively close to OEM backspacing, they’re strapped with 37” and 35” rubber...