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  1. Ds in a Bikini

    Hey what’s up man. Ya they are made by Paramount. They are like $250 for 4 through Northridge4x4 if I remember. People have suggested the screws, but I just replaced all the clips with new ones when I took em off. I wouldn’t trust em through a motorized car wash though.
  2. Ds in a Bikini

    If you have 38” tire or bigger you will be trimming metal from the arches no matter what.
  3. Ds in a Bikini

    You have to remember they don’t come all the way out to the edge of the fender like the oem ones, they are just the inner. So the front you get more room than any other aftermarket one because that plastic is fitted versus a piece of aluminum that is flat fitted. The rear just follows the inner...
  4. Ds in a Bikini

    They work great
  5. Ds in a Bikini

    Good just simple plastic.
  6. California FS 3.5 springs and shock

    Maybe, u interested in the shocks? Springs or both?
  7. Ds in a Bikini

    I replaced every damn clip when I took em off, no problems yet
  8. California FS 3.5 springs and shock

    Teraflex shocks for 3-5” lift $250 Metalcloak front 3.5” springs $150 both were used only for a month until my coil overs arrived. I was actually surprised how well the teraflex shocks rode.
  9. Ds in a Bikini

    They are factory painted fenders, you just split and remove the inner liner
  10. Ds in a Bikini

    I don’t believe it.... they here 12 weeks later. Still have some finishing touches to do but.... they are in
  11. Let's See Your Custom Pops of Color!

    Just waiting on KING then these hoops can go in....
  12. Ds in a Bikini

    I actually took the time to tape off those areas and paint them With bed liner paint. It also covers up the white factory fender clips as well.
  13. How many miles on your 2.0t?

    I want to point out 2 things so far in this thread.... 1. A catch can is not catching really any oil 2. This engine has direct injection. 1. If there is no oil inside the catch can then there is very little oil in the intake manifold which means there is basically none hitting the intake...
  14. Ds in a Bikini

    I mean 40s are a lot of work to fit. I definitely did some trimming in the rear and I probly have a little more to trim. I’m at 3 pucks for bumps right now. So far steering they have felt fine, no power steering overheating, but I didn’t have to go lower than 13 psi so far.
  15. Ds in a Bikini

    yes. Why would anyone buy metal liners, when they have to paint them and bolt them in? Your cost is around $800.... the paramounts don’t need to be painted and won’t scratch and are $300 for front and rear.
  16. Ds in a Bikini

    stock axles, stock gears. For now it’s a Metalcloak game changer 3.5. Once my Kings are made it will have 2.5” coil overs in the front and just full adjustable standard shocks in the rear.
  17. Ds in a Bikini

  18. Ds in a Bikini

    So did my shake down trip... 2500 miles of driving and wheeling in Ouray and Moab. Damn this things drives well.