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  1. Windshield Defroster Fix

    well, I’ve had my Jeep for 2 years and never used this button, always used the defroster/vent. I’m in central Texas now and we are in freezing temps. I used this button for the first time and what a difference. Thanks Hounddog! I was going to order the caps but it works great without now.
  2. Radio Issues

    First off, I love my Jeep. But I am having these issues with my radio. Cannot change volume, change stations, whole screen is non-responsive. This happens sometimes when I start the Jeep. I can drive and it will reboot on its own. Is happening more. Today, my Apple car play started cutting in...

    It can’t be true if there aren’t pictures. Hahaha. Since mine is a 19, I will have to respectfully decline. I was first.:LOL:
  4. How are those 18’s early 19’s holding up?

    Drove from California to Texas, over 1600 miles in 2 days and I like it even more now. Drove fantastic as I passed the 10,000 mile mark, trouble free. Bought Jan 2019 and have loved it everyday since. My passenger seat does squeak when someone sits in it, otherwise no issues.
  5. JL Rubicon Bright White Owners Please Post Pics w/ Aftermarket wheels & Tires

    I'm a fan of the BFG’s. They weren’t available when I did my set up so I went with my second choice. I'm still very happy with the Tokyo’s, 7500 miles in and ride very smooth, I personally think the 3.5” lift with 37’s sits nice. I think you’ll be happy.
  6. Hard top storage

    I have the Top Lift Pro and I love it. It does take up space when not being used compared to a ceiling hoist but you can still park right up against it. I will say though that my top is off most of the time, only back on when it rains.
  7. Who has their top down?

    Running topless for a while now. Don’t really get to drive very much at all right now. :swear:
  8. 35" and 37" JL pics with lift kit

    Your Jeep looks awesome!1. I see what your saying about your lift. It looks close to my 3.5 so I’m not sure where the numbers come into play. I will say the ride I have is awesome. Just as smooth or better than stock, which is hard to believe. On the highway at 75, I can steer with 1 finger(not...
  9. Anyone own a Top Lift Pro?

    Honestly, you won’t be sorry. I’ve had my top off for weeks now and its nice knowing I can put it back on in minutes by myself when needed. I can pull in or back in without the top being in the way.
  10. Rollnjack Hardtop Lift

    This lift looks like a great less expensive alternative. But I do agree, closing the back window is huge for me. Something definitely to think about.
  11. Best method to hang JL doors in garage?

    I have the Arcs too and love em. The doors are reasonably easy to lift by myself. I injured my right arm in a motorcycle accident and lost strength due to nerve damage but can still lift the doors up. These work great for the trail doors too.
  12. Anyone own a Top Lift Pro?

    You can take the top off outside of the unit and roll it into the storage space. It rolls easily, has huge casters. Once the top is on the Lift Pro, the height is adjustable. Definitely the way to go since you wouldn’t be able to set up a pulley system.
  13. Anyone own a Top Lift Pro?

    Best thing I’ve bought! So easy to use.
  14. Lange Hoist-A-Top Simple on an uneven ceiling?

    Hi Steve, I bought the Lange hoist first and installed it. My ceiling/joists were not even but I thought I could adjust it since it’s a pulley system. I couldn’t get it to operate smoothly after spending hours on it. Granted, someone with better know how can probably figure it out but I ended up...
  15. This is a great forum.

    I totally agree with everyone. I wish I would have found this site before I bought my JL, (I don’t have any regrets, I love my Rubi!). I would have been quite a bit more educated about the JL. I have visited other sites but none have the “feel’ of this one. My Rubi is pretty set up the way I...
  16. Does your TPMS work with 37s and non-stock rims?

    Yeah, I have the original OEM tire sensors in my Methods with 37x13.5R17 Toyos. They work well, I’ve compared the dash readout vs a gauge and they match.
  17. Do side view mirrors fold in?

    I was going to reply the same but you beat me to it. Definitely better folded in when hanging :like:
  18. Terrible 2.0 gas mileage?

    I have the 3.5” lift with Toyo 37’s. City driving will kill your mpg’s. I was getting around 14-15 with no freeway driving. I starting driving both highway and city streets and am now at about 17 mpg average. I have a Rubi without regearing and absolutely no throttle hesitation. (Speedo...
  19. Do side view mirrors fold in?

    They definitely fold in. I put a cab cover on with the top off but have to fold the mirrors in for better fit. Just be careful not to touch the glass part when you fold em in or you’ll be adjusting every time. If you grab the mirror on the left and right side and just twist them in, they’ll go...