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  1. Issues with Sirius XM reception, anyone else?

    Mine only acts up when our sun-rider is open.
  2. Test drove a Bronco Wildtrack.

    A supermodel in granny panties is sexy!
  3. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    I ordered RCV front axles. Thanks @Roky and @Moto_21 for the advice.
  4. Am I missing transmission mount nuts?

    Likely didn't torque them right.
  5. Help Identify this Part!!! (please)

    Could be something dropped during assembly. When I had my carpet out I found a 9th seat bolt floating under the carpet on the passenger side. Guess seats were going in, that bolt got misplaced, and another one grabbed. It happens, so if everything is working and nothing loose or vibrating...
  6. I'm thinking of trading to a Bronco

    We got no clue why they did what they did. And considering they make a 1/4 inch longer LCA that is identical to the factory ones why they have not swapped to that part for the Rubi's or all JL's is a mystery that likely will never be solved.... The cost for an extra 1/4 inch of steel tube is...
  7. I'm thinking of trading to a Bronco

    ...and make sure a steel steering box.....
  8. I'm thinking of trading to a Bronco

    Ford's are just a reservation. You are putting a small amount down to get one of the first order slots. The problem is the dealership/salesman in the middle (who takes your order so can't be avoided) still wants to cash in like they brought it in on their own dime and put it on the showroom...
  9. I'm thinking of trading to a Bronco

    It's not improper caster; it is just that more caster sorts out a lot of the tracking issues particularly in the Rubicons that come with more lift. It will be interesting to see what the XR package does or perhaps it will drive even worse ;) But even a Jeep with 6 to 6.5 degrees of caster...
  10. I'm thinking of trading to a Bronco

    Sadly in about 20 years any pristine FE Bronco's will probably be worth that price...... I did have a "reservation" on one but let it go once the dealer price gouging games began, and pictures showing how big it really was. The FCA dealer doesn't play those games with me which is part of...
  11. I'm thinking of trading to a Bronco

    Long lines for Bronco's. Already they are all over RCORP in the past couple weeks but don't see many on the blues/blacks/reds yet.
  12. I'm thinking of trading to a Bronco

    The signs of a successful hit-and-run trolling.
  13. Tailgate Table - compare

    The Rock Star also rattles really badly off road. I took mine off it was so bad.
  14. Tazer JL Mini - locking up ABS

    Jeep owners helping Jeep owners -- this is the way ;)
  15. 2-Door JL Audio Build (Custom Pillars/Box, Stinger, JL Audio, Hertz, MiniDSP)

    One question - why not JL Audio VX series amps as it has the direct TOSlink input and built in DSP? Seems like a more compact way to get the same functionality?
  16. Jeep's response to Silver VS gold tailgate Plates

    Our society is full of the self absorbed who freak out over such things. It is a national mental heath issue that is getting worse.
  17. AMW HEMI swap for JL Sahara!

    7.3 Godzilla swap.
  18. Anyone else thinking about axles?

    I've broken front axles twice with a piddly little 2.0L on 35's with D44's. All you need is to be on the gas spinning a little and find grip suddenly and that 392 will twist or snap the D44 axles without any hesitation. I'd listen to @wibornz on this one.....
  19. Sad Day, Jeep Accident, Advice?

    Good point. Then buy the wreck and fix it how you want it done ;)