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  1. Test drove a Bronco Wildtrack.

    I owned 3 Cooper S. Super fun.
  2. Test drove a Bronco Wildtrack.

    There is a not so fine line between poor design and intentionally looking like that in Ford's execution.
  3. Test drove a Bronco Wildtrack.

    The only thing messier looking than that soft top is under the Bronco's hood. The engine compartment looks really unfinished or untidy. :CWL:
  4. Test drove a Bronco Wildtrack.

    Ford knows people might be concerned about the Bronco's width. A scrape might not be such a big deal? They designed it so the fender flairs are easily removable without tools. Even the front fenders and rear quarter panels are very easy to remove if they get damaged. Maybe this will also help...
  5. Should I Bail On My Custom Order?

    Look at it this way? The value of your trade might very well go up in value if Wrangler production slows more.
  6. New Jeep Order

    I think the only way to get the 3.6 without eTorque is if you order a manual transmission. This was as of the last order guide. Things can change anytime. I have a feeling parts shortages will influence this more in the near future? There seem to be growing delays not related to ESS or eTorque...
  7. Very disappointing news from my build status

    It's chips for sure. Jeep is shutting down the Gladiator to keep the Wrangler line running. Will the Delta variant be gas on the fire?
  8. Should I Bail On My Custom Order?

    Dealers deal with people cancelling everyday. It's even more understandable considering the unique circumstances of the parts shortages. It's just business.
  9. Test drove a Bronco Wildtrack.

    A FJ with removable top would be interesting.
  10. Suggestions for Black lug nuts

    A Sharpie is every car person's best friend! Anyone who has black trim or wheels should have a Sharpie in their garage. I use them for touching up the hard top and black wheel lugs.
  11. Has Jeep Production Completely Stopped?

    Apple and Jeep may not share actual chips but some IC or chip components might use the same materials in production? All you need is one missing component to make the chips themselves and the line stops. My buddy's friend said nylon, resins and some other components are holding up production in...
  12. Suggestions for Black lug nuts

    I bought the ones you recommended in this thread. They look and work great on the stock JLR wheels. The rust is starting on the edges of the splines. The dealer does the wheel rotations. I think power tools nicking the finish very much may be the issue.
  13. What to Expect When You're Expecting (To Purchase Your Jeep Soon!)

    My 2019 JLR with the 2.0 T eTorque was problem free for the first 18 months. Between 18-24 months some problems started. About at 20K miles. I plan on ordering a 2021 as soon as the order banks open to replace it. Hopefully QC has improved. Many Uconnect4, 8.4" Alpine radio, back-up camera...
  14. Test drove a Bronco Wildtrack.

    Apparently the Bronco hardtops are not doing much better QC wise.
  15. Test drove a Bronco Wildtrack.

    It might be a race to see if you get a Bronco or Wrangler first? There are reports of delays for the Wrangler now. Some guys who ordered a few weeks ago are being told Jan 2022 for delivery.
  16. Suggestions for Black lug nuts

    I have the Gorilla ones. They started to show rust after 2 years of Midwest weather. Not sure if that is par for the course?
  17. Best music for Jeep Cruisin'?

    You have some great material. I see you have quite a collection from the 80's. From that era you have to have something from from Blondie. Maybe the Waitress too.
  18. Has Jeep Production Completely Stopped?

    Someone I know at the factory told me this months ago. He said they halted production for some other models to keep Wranglers running in Toledo. Now it's the Gladiator's turn to shut down so the Wrangler can still be produced.
  19. 2022 Jeep Wrangler Ordering & Production Start Dates Released

    Anything is possible with the chip shortages. It might boil down to whatever they can get to keep production moving? This article mentioned shortages for some infotainment systems among other things for the Gladiator. As a result they are shutting down Gladiator production to keep Wrangler...
  20. 2022 Jeep Wrangler Ordering & Production Start Dates Released

    Anything is possible. Espacially with shortages of certain components. Jeep has switch ESS and eTorque around before with very little notice even without parts shortages. Honestly I think a lot of people would like to see a shortage of BOTH ESS and eTorque components to be rid of them all...